Monday, May 27, 2013

Another rainy Memorial Day!‏

Well I am here in Chile on Memorial´s Day on a very rainy day! It´s nothing too new right? Anyways I´m glad your trip to Idaho was a success and filled with so much entertainment that you can´t even help yourself but jump for joy :) no but for reals I´m glad you guys enjoyed yourself! I enjoyed reading what Carter said when Julie asked him where I was.. I´m glad he still remembers me :) That´s too bad about Grandma.. I feel so bad. I don´t ever think I ever really said goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa which makes me kind of sad.. but tell them that I love them! Well Grandpa since he knows who I am.. anyways I´m doing alright here in Linares! The new missionary came to live in our house and I was so excited to not be the worst at Spanish! However, I already told you last week what would happen because of my never-ending bad luck. A Latin from Guatemala... yes.. let´s all remember how I called this last week. There were 6 gringos that came and 2 Latins, so you would think my odds were pretty good of getting a gringo in my house right? Oh wait.. my name is Trenton :) haha so I´m still the worst at Spanish.. but I actually really like him. He´s really nice and pretty chill. Our house is so much better without that other elder. Even my companion was like.. wow you can tell such a difference with him gone. Also, Elder C is 10x better and nicer now.. I know the other elder got mad at him for speaking ANY English to me.. but we´re pretty good friends now that we can have some fun with American humor :)  Lately I´ve been incredibly hungry and starving. I eat and eat and eat but I´m never satisfied. The other day I had a big  meal from a member that the other missionaries had a hard time finishing, and I went home and ate 2 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and Top Ramen. I was still hungry after.. and I´ve noticed I´ve gained quite a bit of weight already. Like almost unhealthy for how long I´ve been here. Okay onto my experiences this past week. There is this lady named Elia that we have been visiting and she is so awesome. She has all the desires to be baptized and keep the commandments but there´s one problem. Her husband gets drunk all the time and if she was baptized, would be sooo angry. We were there the other day and she just started crying, and started singing a song to us which I didn´t understand because of the Spanish and she was crying. It´s super sad but there´s nothing we can really do. We´ve been having a big problem with this Catholic lady that lives in an area in which we like to work. She hates us more than anything, and has made an effort to go door to door telling everyone to not listen to us. We were in the new converts house this past week (single mother that can´t take care of her kids) and guess who knocks on the door. The Catholic lady. She comes in and tells us we are complete garbage and how the mom (Claudia) needs to lock the door on us and not let us in. These past few days we have tried to visit Claudia, but she doesn´t answer her door or tells us she is always busy. Also, we have 2 awesome investigators named Evelyn and Martin. It is a 30 year old mom and her 11 year old son... they actually came to church yesterday too! The missionaries have been working with her for awhile, but she had to work every Sunday. Saturday, she called us and told us that she doesn´t have to work on Sunday anymore! How cool is that? While at church, Evelyn leaned over to my companion and asked him if it´s possible they could be baptized in a river. Sooooo that´s pretty cool so hopefully they keep progressing and they can be my first baptism! We were visiting them last night, and guess who knocks on the door?
The Catholic lady! Yeah what the heck I know.. we have no idea how she knew we were there. Luckily earlier, we had told Evelyn that this Catholic lady had been giving us problems so she knew. Anyways as soon as the Catholic lady walked in, you could tell the Spirit just immediately left the room. Both my companion and I got this weird feeling and we left soon after that. We went and contacted some less actives and they fed us once (Jeremy can tell you about that). I also said a small prayer that whatever the Catholic lady told Evelyn, that she wouldn´t believe it. After that Evelyn called us and told us that the Catholic lady had told her that we missionaries were garbage, we were a false church, and we were paid to be out here. However, Evelyn said, ¨I know that´s not true because at church today, I learned that you guys did this voluntarily.¨ How cool is that? She told us to come back and visit her and she would give us fries to eat. We went back and it was really good! The 11 year old loves me and is making an effort to learn some English while I´m there. We had a notebook and paper and everything and had a nice English lesson! In return he cut out a superhero for me to tape in my planner.. haha he´s a funny kid! Anyways last Tuesday we were supposed to have Family Night with this less active family. The mother´s name is Cintia and she loves the missionaries! She always feeds us and loves when we visit her. She called us that morning, and told us that her wallet had been stolen. She asked us for money, but the zone leaders told us that we weren´t able to give her any. She got super upset and told us that the other missionaries had given her money, but in ¨secret¨. We told her we couldn´t do that and she was mad. We went back Thursday or Friday night to see how she was doing and she was super short with us and told us she was busy. She said, Ï will find a way to feed my family tonight, I will.¨ She´s just trying to make us feel bad but to be honest I don´t think her wallet really got stolen. Maybe it did, but my gut feeling is it wasn´t. Anyways it sucks because she was going to teach me how to make their bread :( Anyways the Spanish is coming along okay.. I still can´t understand a ton of things which is super frustrating. I feel like I can say whatever I want, but the people speak SOOOOOO fast here. I think that´s what the hardest thing is for me right now.. it´s hard because I can´t teach as well when I don´t know what they´re saying. At times I get frustrated because I feel like some of my time is going to waste because I can´t teach or communicate as well as I´d like to. I know it takes a lot of time and patience so the Lord is definitely teaching me patience right now. I don´t have a whole lot more to report.. it was a decent week and I´m just hoping Evelyn and Martin will keep progressing! I´m also hoping I don´t get too fat and nothing is wrong there.. for reals tho if I sent a picture of me right now you would think I was Jon. Hahahaha freak I miss those jokes... Love you Donovan!!! :)  Again I´m glad you all enjoyed yourselves in Idaho (apart from Jeremy and Jon) and had a good week! Thank you all for writing me/pictures! Mom, I honestly don´t know why that lady called me haha but it´s whatever. Trevor good luck with your applications for a new job! Let me know what happens with that.. and Heather.. definitely send me the pictures of Brielle´s room! :) Brian, thanks again for the pictures, Dallin looks like he has a ton of hair and is HUGE! Anyways thanks for everything and I love you all!!!!!    
                            From Linares, Chile: TRENTON ¨TREMPIN¨ DANIEL NEILSON OUT!!!!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Living quarters...

My bed-bottom bunk
My study area
All geared up for a rainy day
This is what happens after riding a bike on a rainy day...
Living room
I had to duck to get to this house...
I had to share this couch for the night with Elder Hancock while attending a new missionary conference.

Hola familia! Estoy en Linares todavia!!!!‏

 May 20, 2013
Why hello everyone! Another week has come and gone here in Chile! Sounds like everyone is doing well and I´m glad to hear that. Getting ready to head to Idaho it sounds like.. without Jeremy and Jon? Of course they would find some way to get out of going to Idaho.. so lazy. :) Mom, that picture of that ¨thing¨ was pretty nasty but it doesn´t even compare to the slugs here! Yes, I´ve been told I´m in one of the nicer houses here.. which kinda sucks to think about haha. Anyways this week has been decent! We have quite a few investigators but one of them came to church. We had about 3 or 4 promise us on Saturday night that they were going to come but never answered their phone Sunday morning. It kind of sucks because then my companion is in the WORST mood ever the entire day and takes it out on everyone haha. There is a new convert here that we go visit quite often which isn´t my favorite thing to do. It´s that house that smells awful and has poop and pee everywhere. It is a single mother that has 4 kids. One girl is about 6, the other girl 3, a 2 year old boy, and a baby girl. I feel so bad because they are dirt poor and barely have anything. I went to go to the bathroom the other day and their bathroom was like flooded with 2 inches of water and the sink doesn´t work. The mom also hits the kids in the back of the head really hard if they do something wrong. Also, the 6 and 3 year old hit the 2 year old boy as hard as they can in the head if he is bugging them, and the mom doesn´t even care. The 2 year old boy had a diaper full of poop that was hanging soooo low.. which leads me to think he uses the same diaper for a week or so. The 3 year old girl loves me and won´t leave me alone when I go over there.. she thinks I´m so funny and always wants to play little games with me. I know she doesn´t get a lot of attention so I play with her as much as I can, but she´s always so dirty. She constantly has mud on her face and is wearing really dirty and ripped clothes. She told me that they don´t have soap so they use paper from a math book to shower or something like that. After we left her house the other night, the mother called us at around 11:00 at night and said her baby was throwing up. We had to ride all the way back to her house in the rain to give her money to take a taxi to the hospital. I feel super bad.. but I don´t understand why she has 4 kids if she can´t even support 1. Anyways Wednesday I went on a mini-change with Elder Scott from Florida. It was nice to be able to speak English to someone for a day! He has been out for 9 months or so, but he´s super quiet. Some of our visits were a little bit awkward but they turned out fine. The people have a really hard time understanding his Spanish so I taught quite a bit in our lessons. We taught a lady that had committed to baptism, but she told us that she had taken a bunch of pills the day before to try and kill herself. She seemed totally fine when we were there though so I don´t really know what happened. Last night we went and visited a less active lady and her non-member husband. They have 2 little boys about 5 years old and 3 year old. They loved me and didn´t want me to leave! Both my companions that I´ve had HATE kids. My first companion asked me one time why I talked to kids. Like okay sorry bro but I like kids and I always will! I miss my nephews so much :( Tell them I love them! Haha anyways they were super funny.. The couple like the church but they don´t want to get married so he can´t get baptized. We´re going to visit them again and see what we can do. The lady said that she has talked with a lot of new missionaries that come to Chile and was surprised at how much Spanish I knew already.. which kind of made me feel good! I still struggle to understand people some of the time.. it just depends on the person. Whether they use a lot of slang, or are just old, I don´t know. Anyways that´s pretty much this week. We are at the time of transfers.. and GUESS WHAT!? I am staying in Linares like we all knew! And so is Elder Layseca..haha however that missionary in my house from Uruguay is leaving. Elder Collins from Texas will be staying.. and he is going to be training! Let´s all hope it´s a gringo that he trains so I´m not the worst one at Spanish.. that will make me feel better :) He comes in on Wednesday so I´ll let you guys know whether he´s a gringo or not next week! But let´s all remember how bad my luck is so I guarantee it´ll be a Latin that already knows Spanish. This next transfer is going to only be 4 weeks, and the one after that will be 8 because of the new missionary president coming in. I can´t think of anything else that happened this week but can you guys make sure to refill my checking account at America First? I think I will be taking another 200 out next week just in case. It´s been difficult because they gave me extra the first month, and not very much this month. It´ll be easier when I start over next month and get the regular amount that I´m supposed to. Anyways thank you all for writing me and keeping me updated on everything!I really love reading your letters and! I hope you all enjoyed the pictures I sent last week. Mom, I honestly can´t remember where Peter is serving.. sorry! That´s cool to hear all about the mission calls.. sounds like everyone leaves in the next few months! I leave you with the infamous Tweety Bird´s Seeds of Wisdom started by the one and only Jeremy Neilson: Why are computer mouses called a ¨mouse¨? Like am I the only one that has never even thought I was touching an actual mouse while using the computer? I still just don´t get it.. anyways I love you all and I will talk to you all next week!!!!