Thursday, November 20, 2014

¡Me voy a Chillán!‏

November 17, 2014
Hey everyone! Here we are another week down.. yes Mom the weeks are flying by. it´s crazy. Well yes we did have changes today, and I will be leaving! I will be going to Chillan.. to a place called Dieciocho (Eighteen). Apparently it´s a sick ward. It´ll probably be a lot like Santa Sabina. And guess who my companion will be? Hahaha it´s crazy.. but Elder Ryan Sperry. Guess what high school he went to? Yep, he´s a Beetdigger. Haha we know each other really well, so that should be fun. I´m actually way excited. Anyways there´s a ton of changes that happened this transfer. It´s kind of crazy.. a ton of people are going home and there were a ton of changes. Two missionaries from my zone now will also be going to be new zone, and Elder C, my companion in Santa Sabina, is a district leader there. We get along well, so I´m actually excited for this change. The only thing is................ Chillan IS SO HOT. Oh my gosh like for reals it´s like an oven there. That´s about all the information I can give you Mom.. I will basically live in downtown Chillan, and I heard the house is pretty decent and big. And I´ll live with 2 other elders from Utah, and one from Mexico. I´ll be able to give you some more information next week obviously. This week was a little slow.. the only good thing really is J and his son. We had such an awesome lesson with J. On Thursday we went to the church and played soccer with him and other people in the ward, and Saturday morning we had the lesson. We talked again about the Word of Wisdom, as he´s had a problem in his life with it. He said a lot of awesome things. He said that he knew the Word of Wisdom was real and true. He said when we were all playing soccer, ¨even the worst player was running around like a crazy man without getting tired.¨ He also said he has stopped drinking coffee, and has seen a big difference. He used to smoke, go out to party, and nothing mattered to him. His wife told him how much he has changed, and how much she loves it that he has been sharing with us, because she is so much happier with him. He´s still drinking a little bit of tea, but said he is going to stop.  He´s such a great investigator, and I know he will be getting baptized. He will also be on of the best converts in the mission, and I´m sure of that. I won´t be here to see his baptism, but I feel good because I´ve been teaching him for 5 months and I´ve seen how much he´s progressed. He was asking what happens after baptism, so I have a feeling pretty soon here he´ll finally decide to just do it. The wife too, in time, will probably get baptized. She´s really cool and receptive as well, but just works every weekend. Other than that, the week was a little slower. We knocked a lot of doors and found like 3 new people, but probably won´t progress. That´s about it for the updates for this week.
     I´m a little disappointed I didn´t get a score update on the Utah game.. I was definitely excited and anticipating to see how it went, but it´s all good haha. Yeah Mom, I knew there was an MTC here, I think it´s actually been here awhile.  Hayden and Teagan are gonna play junior jazz!?!? Haha oh my gosh what ballers. I´ll miss the majority of the season, but that´s awesome. I´m gonna practice with them when I get back :) I enjoyed the pictures Brian sent me.. straight up ballers for reals. Guess what else this transfer has in store? Thanksgiving is this week right?! If so, Happy Thanksgiving and good luck Black Friday shopping. But even better.. CHRISTMAS!! I´m excited.  Anyways not much more to update you guys on. I forgot my notebook of dreams because it´s already packed away, but next week! I love you all and I¨ll talk to you guys next week!!! :)

Monday, November 10, 2014


The Utah game.. I honestly can´t believe it.  What a joke. Haha it was so weird I just stared at the screen thinking.. what the freak?! Sounds like the game was closer than the final score indicates. That play probably changed the whole game. I didn´t get an update from Jon, so I imagine he´s still pretty upset.. haha oh my gosh I legit couldn´t believe that play. 
 J said he loves the church and everything, and that he´ll get baptized, but wants more time. He does know that changes are next week, and most likely I´ll be leaving. M, I don´t know.. we haven´t had too much contact with her. I enjoyed Dad´s letter tho.. that was really cool. We´ve helped her with a few of these things, but invited her to pray. She did, and said she felt it was false. She´s just been looking at stuff on the internet. She´s trying to destroy the Book of Mormon, and if she can´t, she´ll believe it. But thanks a lot dad.. If we have another visit with her, I´ll mention it. I don´t know, I´m a little frustrated with all the investigators here so I don´t wanna talk about it a whole lot haha. All the new people we find are just nice people, but the first thing they tell us is that they´ll never change their religion. People here in Chile just don´t like commitments, at all. Anyways, I´ve learned to have even more patience with them.  This week was decent.. not a whole lot to report. It´s basically the same thing every week. I could tell you about some more people we´ve found but they won´t be progressing. Like I said, they are really closed in their ways and make sure that´s the first thing we know before they let us into their house. We had a zone activity today. We went to a church, played some sports, and had a barbecue. We played soccer, volleyball, and attempted to play some basketball.   Well that´s about the weekly update. Way boring.. sorry I know. Yeah Mom, time is flying by.. I honestly can´t believe it. Well, okay, I feel like I´ve been gone for sooooo long, but at the same time not really. It´s weird.  :) Just kidding. That´s not too good about Grandpa. Good thing they found it though.. I´m sure he´ll be fine and I´ll be praying for him for sure. Heather, I hope my notes were of help to you.  By the way.. what week are we planning on going to Disneyland in May? I love Disneyland.. is it going to be a Holiday week or what? Just curious. Mom I´ve been thinking of my Christmas package because you wanted me to think of ideas. Did you for sure decide to send one or what? Because I know you were thinking of just saving the money for something else.. like clothes. I don´t know.. what do you think? Obviously I wouldn´t complain because I love packages.. but I don´t want you to feel like you´re obligated to send me a package just because it´s Christmas. Anyways, just a thought.. let me know. Well that´s about it for this week... thanks for the letters and everything. Still in shock about that play.. but good luck to Utah this week against Stanford. The next 2 years we don´t play Oregon or Stanford right? I love you all and I´ll talk to you all next week!!

P.S. My dream- I finish my mission (I´m not trunky) and I get to the airport in Salt Lake. I got to my family and I´m excited, but I just casually say hi to them. After a minute, I realize I haven´t given even my mom a hug. They laugh and say how they thought I didn´t want to hug anyone because it was against the rules and they thought I was just a super square missionary. I laughed and told them I had just forgotten. On our way home in my mom´s new car, my mom pulls over and tells me I can drive the rest of the way home. I was so nervous because I hadn´t driven a a car in such a long time. I got in and started driving, and it was a little awkward and hard for me, but I got used to it. Then I woke up. 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Por qué soy tan guapo?‏

  Hello everyone! Thanks Trevor for the update on the Utah game.What´s up with all these overtime and last second games this year? That´s crazy.. I´m still wondering about how many seniors will be leaving.. I heard from someone else that Dres had a knee injury and is out for the season.. will he be able to play next year? Just curious... haha.  Anyways I enjoyed the pictures of Carter and Brielle in their costumes.. haha so awesome. I don´t know anything about Iron Patriot yet.. he in Iron Man 3?  Man there´s a lot of movies I haven´t seen haha. Here.. apparently a few people do celebrate Halloween. A lot of the members here are like.. no mormons can´t celebrate Halloween.. that´s bad.  Well I´ll get started on the weekly update. Nobody was able to come to church this week. J and B went to a different city for the weekend to be with the family, and well . We are going to try and set a baptismal date with J and B for Nov. 15th, and we think they can do it. However, he says he doesn´t like goals and dates and all that. He loves the church and the Book of Mormon, and I know he´ll get baptized. Before I leave though, I don´t know. That´s kind of frustrating to be honest with you.. but it´s all good. The other day we were all talking in our house (the 4 of us) and they all were giving me a hard time.. haha they said the President sends me to all the hard sectors. I was like nah... but then after I started thinking about it, and it´s kinda true.. with the exception of Linares. I took it as a compliment however. If that´s what the Lord wants, I´ll do it. My sectors yes have been difficult, but I love all of them. Just keep praying for J and B for sure. Yeah in 2 more weeks we do have changes, and I imagine I´ll be taking off to finish in my last sector. I would like to train one more time before I end, but we´ll see what happens. I honestly don´t know where I would be going. Anyways we had counsel today. Before going, the whole week we had to be studying Elder Bednar´s talk in the October Ensign about missionary and temple work. We all had to comment on it and study it in the counsel as well. Just so happens that´s where Jordy and Melissa have their picture. It was good though and the mission is trying to change the focus to really tie in the missionary work with the temple. That´s about it for this week... nothing too exciting or different happened. We´re still trying to find some new investigators. Mom, I hope you can recover quickly and feel 100%! I´ll still be praying for you. I had another question.. Mom you mentioned we´re going to Disneyland in May right? Is the whole family planning on going? I hope so.. that would be sick! I can´t think of anything else.. but I should probably get this letter sent off.. I love you all and I hope to see a lot of pictures and updates on the Utah game against Oregon next week!!! GO UTES!!!!!!!