Monday, January 27, 2014

And the rockets red GLARE.. the bombs bursting in AIR. Anybody remember that video?‏

Hello family. Another week has passed by and another change in the mission has taken place. I´m sure you´re all curious as to whether I´m staying here in Yungay or taking off. Well you´ll have to wait a little bit. This week was a really good week. We found a lot of new people to teach, and we had 3 investigators in church. We found this lady and her daughter, and the daughter´s friend. We were just doing contacts and they told us they wanted to hear more. Anyways we got in and they were really interested in the Book of Mormon and everything. This lady, talked a lot about her property where she takes care of dogs. She takes dogs off the streets that are sick or wounded, and helps them get better or just gives them a home. She invited us to go on Saturday morning, so we set up a nice service. Anyways we went there and THERE WERE SO MANY DOGS. It was kind of gross but kind of cool. She has about 200 dogs in this property of hers. A lot of them don´t have legs, or have tumors, or are perfectly healthy because they were born there. Anyways we spent all morning feeding them, cleaning their water buckets, and cleaning up their poop. She also has a horse there that got hit by a car 2 years ago and it´s 2 front legs are really deformed. I took plenty of pictures of the dogs and the horse and maybe next week I´ll see if I can get them sent off. It´s really cool what she does, and she has to have a lot of money to be able to feed 200 dogs every day haha. Anyways they know the members we live by now because she actually gave them the cat that they have now. They came to church and stayed all 3 hours and loved it! They say they are going to continue to keep coming because they really like it. Hopefully they can keep progressing and all will go well there. Okay now time to let you know about the changes. Guess what? I´M LEAVING YUNGAY. I got a call from the President last night and found out a day early. He asked me if I would accept a tough assignment. I told him of course and that I would love to. Anyways, I will be going to open up a brand new sector in Concepción, training a brand new missionary, and serving as the District Leader. Fun huh? Haha he was kind of laughing saying I´ll really need to rely on the Lord and that God had called me and that he hadn´t. I´m really excited but I´m a little nervous at the same time. We will see what my new sector has in store for me. My new sector is called Santa Savina I believe. From what I hear, it is AWESOME. Every Sunday, there are about 200 active members that go and there´s about 35 returned missionaries there. Apparently they are all rich and have way nice houses, and feed the missionaries really well. I guess a little payback for not eating so well here :) haha so it is going to be the complete opposite of Yungay that´s for sure. I love Yungay though. I love it. I don´t want to say goodbye to the people here. In 6 months, working with the same few members and less actives, I have gotten so close to them. Hermana S DID NOT want me to leave. She said she fasted so that I wouldn´t go, and when she called me today all worried, I had to tell her that I was leaving. She just started crying and wanted to call the President to ask him if I could stay. I felt sooo bad. Her cousin and her aunt died the same week about a week ago, and she hasn´t been too well. We went to Chillan today to find out about the changes (even though I already knew) and to play soccer and to eat tacos. Anyways we got back a little late and are now emailing. I´m a little afraid I won´t have time to say goodbye to everybody I want to, but we´ll see what I can do. I´m glad I got to serve as 1st counselor here in this branch. I learned so much and have grown to be thankful for how well the wards function back at home. I´m also excited to see that in my next sector as well. I tried to print off these pictures that I created with me and my information on it but the machine at Lider was broken. By the way, going there was a really good idea. After playing soccer, we went to Lider to try and do that so we ended up taking the later bus to Yungay. On our way there, the bus before was off to the side and had gotten into a wreck. There were some ambulances there and stuff and I was like wow.. maybe if we didn´t go to Lider we would have taken that bus. Or maybe it was from way earlier I don´t know. But the Lord is protecting us as missionaries which is really good :) Anyways that machine was broken which was disappointing so maybe I´ll have to email the letters to the people here. I can´t believe you guys already got my letters... I´m glad they got there really fast. Maybe I¨ll have to send more know that I know they don´t take WAYYYYY long. I wouldn´t mind a few letters from you guys here and there in the mail as well.. they´re always fun to receive at the conferences :) by the way I got the primary package which was awesome, but not my other package with the garments and scriptures. It´s all good I´ll be able to give the triple to someone else in my other sector. I¨m really excited but nervous for so much responsibility but it should be a fun adventure. Pray for me for sure.. I know your guys´ prayers have helped me so thanks for that and please continue to do it.
       I was actually wondering about Addison the other day.. I figured he was either home or getting ready to go home. What about Parker Breinholt? He should be home or getting ready to go home too if I remember right. I can´t believe DJ Teaskie´s only got 7 months left. Sooooo crazy. I miss that kid. That´s cool you guys had the sister missionaries over. That´s funny about their appointment they had.. haha that´s missionary life for you. I´m sure they´re used to that so don´t feel too bad Mom :)  Next week I´ll know a little bit more about my new ward and who my companion will be. At this moment I have no idea. But guess who I´ll get to see tomorrow? Krisha Ardnt! She will be arriving as a new missionary so I¨ll get a chance to talk to her tomorrow which will be cool. Maybe she´ll be in my zone.. that would be sick. Anyways thanks for everything.. the pictures, the letters, and your prayers. Robyn.. I´m proud of you! I love getting letters from you by the way. I love getting letters from everybody that´s for sure. It´s just hasn´t been very normal seeing your name pop up ya know? :) I´m glad Dallin is enjoying music.. especially DIE YOUNG! I miss the dance parties with the boys.. :( but plenty more to come with MORE nephews/niece. Loved all the pictures.. thanks H-Train and Bri. I also love hearing the Teagan stories and the things he says. Congratz to Hayds on his 19/20 on his spelling test. He should have been proud of that and just left it at that.. poor kid!  Anyways I love you all and look forward to this new mini adventure I¨m about to start and also writing you guys next week. I love you!!!!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Call of Duty

 I wanted start off by thanking everyone again for writing me. I love reading your letters. I even heard from Robyn? What the heck? Someone go to her house and make sure she´s feeling okay. Just kidding Robyn... love you! :) this week was a little slow again because on Thursday we were stuck moving HOUSES! We moved into an even smaller house, but a lot cleaner. It´s also behind a members house. The member where we eat twice a week so that´s pretty nice. If you need an oven or any little thing, they have it so that´s pretty cool. It´s really small and don´t really have room for a whole lot but that other house we were in was terrible. So we ended up getting moved out and it basically took all day. Then yesterday I had to go to Chillan for the stake leadership meeting for all the bishops. Of course the branch president couldn´t go so I had to go there with Elder M and Leo, the secretary and future branch president here. That last part isn´t for sure but I can almost guarantee it. He´s awesome. I had to declare all the tithing stuff from our branch to the stake president and do all that fun stuff. We were there all day but the 3 hour round trip nap isn´t the worst thing ever. :) I´ve spent SOOOOOOO much money in total traveling to Chillan and back it´s ridiculous. I have to go back tomorrow again for the district meeting. As you may all know we have changes here in a week. I´m freaking nervous as I always am the week before. I don´t want to go really, but then there´s that feeling where I know I´ve been here for a long time and it might be time. We´ll see what happens and I´ll let you guys all know next week! I´ll probably be emailing earlier on because I think either me or my companion will be leaving so that´s what we would do. Anyways there´s this 10 year old girl (cousin of a recent convert that has been coming to the activities and to church lately. She´s really funny and wants a Book of Mormon! We are going to make plans to do all that and see if we can get her baptized! We have a special assignment from the stake to reactivate the young men here. That has been our main focus and we have some activities planned for that. In the meeting today all the other wards had all these young men going to the camp this week then they asked... and Yungay? I was like ummmm we don´t have anybody. Haha it was embarrassing but it´s been that way in Yungay for YEARS. Yungay is widely known around the mission and the Chillan stake. It´s pretty famous. All the members in Chillan ask me where I´m at and when I say Yungay.. they say and how long have you been there? I tell them 6 months and they´re just like are you serious? That´s REALLY long to be in Yungay. Haha it´s funny but I¨ve definitely learned a lot and learned to enjoy it. Today we went to Hna. R and her husband´s land they have (campo-country). We went there and had a picnic/barbecue and took a bunch of pictures by the river and in trees. I don´t have my card reader or cable so the pictures will have to wait. They brought their dog that loves to play fetch in the river. Made me miss Bella so much and playing frisbee with her at the park and in the back. Does she still like to do that? Anyways that´s pretty much what we did this week. The weeks haven´t been too incredibly exciting as you guys have probably noticed.  That´s good that Grandma was happier too. She seems to always been grumpy haha and swearing up a storm. I´m not gonna lie that was kinda funny to listen to. I know it might be best for her to pass on by I really would like to be home and see her again. I´m glad you´re gonna feed the missionaries! I was gonna tell you that you should do it but you did it anyways. Just let them put their on food on the plate and eat as much as they want. Everyone here puts the food on your plate and if you don´t eat it all they punch you. I hope Brian´s nephew can progress... if he doesn´t it´s just not his time. It´s frustrating when the people don´t want to progress but it´s important to remember it´s all in the Lord´s time. Just be patient because He knows what he´s doing. That´s about it for this week... thanks for everything and all your prayers for me. I know I´ve been blessed because of them and that keeps me going. I love you all!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Frac Cookies on a Monday Evening‏

Hey everyone! First off I would just like to tell you I´m soooooooooooooooooooooo hot right now. Like for reals it´s disgusting. But thanks for all the letters Mom and Dad you guys are ballers. This week was really really hot but we are still working hard. J has been extremely tough to work with. He got talking to his sister who isn´t a member and ever since then he just went downhill with all his doubts. I answered every single question that he had and I did it from the Bible, and after the whole lesson he just tells me ¨It doesn´t matter that bible is different from all the rest of the bibles¨. I was like ummmm no it´s not let´s compare it do you have your bible? Obviously he said no just because he felt dumb. He wasn´t progressing so we´ve stopped visiting him for the meantime. I finally got down to why he wasn´t progressing and apparently he was waiting until Christ appeared to him in his dream to tell him to be baptized in our church. I told him that´s asking a little bit too much and shared with him D & C 8:2 but he´s just really defensive about everything. Hopefully he can continue doing his prayers and realize he actually is receiving an answer to his prayers. Yesterday we had 3 stake guys come from Chillán to support us in Yungay and help us out. One of the guys, the stake missionary work president (I don´t know how to say that in English) came and pulled me and the ward mission leader. (This stake guy actually gave me 20 bucks in Chillán the other day in Lider because he didn´t want us to starve and he says I know you guys starve out there in Yungay so take this money haha) We set a bunch of plans to reactivate the young men because we don´t have one single young man or young woman that comes to church. It´s like 4 primary kids and all the rest our old folks. Changes are coming up on the 27th and I don´t know if I´ll be going or staying. We had interviews with the president this past week and he told me a number of things. He asked me about the 1st counselor and how that was going. He told me, ¨What you have learned there in Yungay you will never forget. You will use those things you learned there the rest of your life, and for that you will be forever grateful.¨ I kinda got thinking about that and how awesome it has been to be 1st counselor and help out all these members and less actives. Apparently I am the only missionary in the whole mission that is in the bishopric, which is pretty cool. It´s true that God calls you to go to where He needs you. It´s not a coincidence that you get transferred to a certain sector. For that, I have mixed feelings about staying and going. I love being able to really help the branch president and all these members. It´s such a cool opportunity. Then again I will have been here for 6 months. The mission president also asked me how long I´ve been there and told me oh that´s a good amount of time. So anything can happen and we´ll just have to wait and see. I know there´s a lot of other opportunities and people I need to meet in other sectors as well and I´m excited for that. I think for sure one of us will be leaving.. it could be very well that Elder M leaves as he is about to finish his training. We will see! Hermana R is an awesome member that knows so much about the Gospel. Such a good teacher.  Her grown up kids are members but are inactives. Her husband isn´t a member, but he reads all the Liahona´s (Ensign´s basically) and likes them. He is just scared to make a commitment because he´s scared he won´t be able to keep up with all the stuff after his baptism. He actually came to church yesterday to hear her give a talk, and we are really gaining the trust of him by doing service in his house and just talking to him. He is really nice, but it´s tough because he just doesn´t want to make that decision. The missionaries have been working with him for YEARS, but they´re a really awesome family. We were trying to do a few contacts last night and we weren´t getting into any houses, so we went to their house. I´m so thankful for the members here. Immediately they let us into their house, sit us at the table, and just start feeding us. It makes you so grateful for the members after you´re knocking on doors and everyone just slams the door on you, and then you get out of the exhausting heat into a members house and they just try and give you everything. So awesome. Anyways that´s about all I have to say for this week.
        Too bad about Carter.. I feel bad for him. But he´ll always be a baller and he´ll get his other tooth in soon :)
        HAPPY KISS A GINGER DAY? Since when was this day invented? If it was invented last year and I didn´t get a single kiss, someone needs to be hit. Haha. Guess I gotta wait til 2 more kiss a ginger´s day to get that kiss.      
       In the way of packages, I have only received one. The one that I bought awhile ago. I bought a few videos that I have used for investigators so that´s good. I should be getting the other packages here pretty soon hopefully!
       That´s about all for this week... thanks for the updates and everything. Thanks Dad for the updates on sports. Keep those coming. Also on the Chargers. I got a few updates on them that they had made the playoffs and won their first game but never heard after that. Let me know if possible! (Jeremy)   I love you all and stay safe this week!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Jumbo is a Lifesaver

January 6, 2014
Hellloooooo family. Another. Week. Gone. The weeks go by so fast it´s nuts. And it´s 2014.. so weird to think about. Wasn´t it back in 2012 that the world was supposed to end? Haha and it´s 2 years later. By the way, when did we go on the cruise last year? It´s almost been a year right? Maybe not.. I can´t freaking remember. Anyways our New Year´s wasn´t that exciting to be honest. At midnight I was in my bed talking to my district leader who was there for a mini-transfer to do J's interview. He´s from Brighton and we know a lot of the same people. He even knows DJ Teaskie. His name is Elder P and he´s pretty cool. We stayed up a little later talking about all the people we knew and everything we used to do with our friends back in good old Sandy! By the way J passed his interview, but he flaked out 3 days before his baptism. We went to go have a lesson with him and he has so many doubts about baptisms for the dead and not being able to go to church after he gets baptized. He´s in a wheelchair and it would be tough for him to go to church every week, but we told him we´d always be there to help him. Anyways his uncle was all planned to come down from Santiago to baptize him, but it just didn´t happen. I kind of saw that coming as I told you guys last week, but I don´t know. He said he wants to be baptized and that he needs to do it, but he just doesn´t know when. Oh well we will see what happens and what God´s will is right? This Sunday I had to go to Chillan for a meeting on the young men´s camp that is coming up. We don´t have one single young man that is active, so that´s our goal: Get them to go to the camp this month so they can have a good experience and want to come back to church. We were basically there all day in Chillan so we weren´t able to do anything here in Yungay yesterday. By the way, yes.. Gabby and Elva have come to church every single week since their baptism so that´s good. We went and printed some baptism pictures for them today and we´re going to give them to them today. We are still trying to find more people to teach as that´s been our biggest struggle. We have been working with a family where the husband is inactive and none of his family are members. They are super nice though and love to have family nights with us. They are really lazy to come to church with us though but we just need to keep on working with them like always. Honestly this week was a little bit on the boring side. That´s about all I can report to you guys. Today we went to Chillán to do some stuff that we needed to do. I bought another backpack because I needed something for mini-transfers.  I also printed off a few more pictures of the kids and grandma and grandpa. Thanks for those.. keep them coming! Thank José by the way for the 40 bucks... I´ll have to take another 200 bucks out soon plus his money so we can eat a nice lunch here :) Thank you José!!!  About Dallin recognizing my picture, that definitely made my day. He´s so freaking cute and I want him to know who I am.. he´s my other baller nephew and I can´t wait to grow close to him when I get back. Hopefully he won´t be way scared of me haha. Exactly Mom, when you guys are really cold just think how hot I am here just constantly sweating. Should make you guys feel better :) Sounds like Utah basketball is picking up. Too bad they couldn´t pull it off against Oregon. And the Jazz... freak they just need to tank it this season so we can pick up the #1 draft.. who sounds like will be Jabari Parker. They would probably be pretty good next season if that was the case. Sounds like everyone had a good new year´s. Did everyone set some new year´s resolutions? Those always last up until the 27th of January then they go out the window. Has anyone has noticed that? Hahahaha it´s true. But again that´s all I can think of for this week. really boring I know. I´m sorry. I´ll see if we have a little bit mroe of an exciting week this week so my letters are a little bit more exciting! I love you all and tell all the kids I love them as well! BALLERS. Peace out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR... 2014? Seriously?‏

Monday, December 30, 2013
Does anybody else.. when they think about 10 years ago.. think about the 1990´s? I for sure do. There´s no way that when I think about 10 years ago, I think about 2004. 2004... 2004? Oh yeah. Fiesta Bowl. GO UTES. Anyways it´s almost the new year and I´m feeling pretty weird that´s it´s about to be 2014. This past year when I look back at it, has flown by. I just want to wish you all a Happy New Year! Everyone stay safe and don´t do anything crazy :) First off, it was awesome getting to talk to all you guys on Christmas! I enjoyed seeing all your faces and actually being able to talk to guys. A couple people asked me if I enjoy talking to everyone, or people individually. I was wondering what I wanted to do but figured whatever you guys wanted to do I was fine with. Seemed like you guys opted to all talk to me at the same time. That´s cool too, but it would also be cool to talk to everyone one on one. Maybe for Mother´s Day we´ll be thinking about that. Anyways sorry I had a bunch of people peering over my shoulders and it was kind of loud. For that reason I wanted to stay in Yungay that day but we would have had nothing to do. We decided to go, play some sports, and be with other missionaries so we wouldn´t be homesick :) All in all I loved talking to you guys and seeing how huge my nephews have gotten and how cute my new niece is. SUCH BALLERS. By the way we did end up catching our bus and getting back to our house fine. José... we are still working with. He has been a little difficult but still has a baptism date for the 5th. I feel like he doesn´t quite have a testimony of the restoration though.. and I´m feeling like we might need to delay it a week. We have been in communication with his uncle that´s a member in Santiago that´s planning on coming down to baptize him, and he said he´s gonna call him and figure things out. Pray for José, but for some reason I have a feeling we might need to postpone his baptism a week. I´ll keep you guys updated. He did come to church which was good though. Sounds like the Christmas party up at Grandpa´s was pretty crazy with so many people and dogs there! Did you guys take Bella? Probably not. Our plans for new year´s eve I have no idea yet. We have to go to Chillan tomorrow and I´m sure we´ll hear all the announcements for what the rules are for that day. Yungay is actually probably one of the safest areas and is pretty calm. There will still probably be a lot of drunks walking on the streets asking us for money like always.
 I haven´t gotten Marshall McDonald´s music yet. I´ll see what I can do and I´ll let you guys know next week. If I can´t quickly convert them you might have to convert them to mp3 first and then send them to me. I would like you guys to all keep me updated on Utah Basketball. Sounds like they might have a decent year if they don´t choke in Pac-12 play like the football team.  We have been having some troubles finding some new investigators. We are trying to be creative and work hard with the members to help them. Transfers here are on the 28th.. I don´t know if I want to leave or I want to stay. 6 months is a long time to be in a small town.. but I´ve definitely grown to love it. I definitely will NEVER forget Yungay. We are still working on getting into a new house. We sent the papers in and are just waiting for the thumbs up to start moving our stuff. It should be nicer and a lot cleaner but if I get transferred I won´t be able to reap much of those benefits. It´s also right behind the members house where we eat 2 days a week. This past Sunday was the primary program.  There was a total of 4 kids! They all gave little talks and sang like 2 songs in between. It was cool because it was something different that they haven´t done much of here in Yungay. I want to thank everyone for everything they do and for making adjustments to all be there on Christmas Day to talk on Skype. It definitely made my day and made my Christmas this year. My nephews/niece/dog are so freaking cute. Carter made me laugh.. haha that kid is soooo funny. I just love when he talks. Anyways that´s about it for this week. Thanks again for the package and everything.. I LOVED everything I got. You definitely know me Mom. Twix, Hershey´s cookies and cream bars, and Starbursts. Also my favorite cookies. You know your youngest son really well. I love you all and I look forward to reading your letters and talking to you all next week! Happy 2014! Make it a resolution or a priority to spend a lot of time with the family because that´s the most important thing! For the last time this year... NINNON OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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