Friday, December 5, 2014

The Luck Comes When The Unluckiest Man Alive is FAR AWAY‏

December 1, 2014
Okay so first off.... did anyone else notice this? Once I´m far away, the unluckiest man alive, everyone starts getting lucky. Hmmmm... mark this experience down Trevor, and never forget it. That´s cool though.. I think Tanner´s right.. I deserve 250 dollars. I wouldn´t complain. Glad I could help :) I´m so unlucky.. I was known in my last house for being really unlucky by the other 3 missionaries I lived with. It´s a joke. Anyways this week... S GOT BAPTIZED!  It was awesome.. we had to lift her down into the font in her wheelchair, which was a little awkward, but it all turned out fine. She had to do it twice cuz the first time she didn´t go all the way down. She´s the mom of a member, and wow that´s another story.  The daughter´s husband baptized her and confirmed her, and we got into the font to help her to do everything. There was one point she was in the font and she just started like floating and just started laughing her head off. Hahaha it was funny and a little awkward, but it was cool. This week we also had a meeting in Concepción for all the zone leaders. They did it on Wednesday, instead of today, because as a mission, or I guess all the missionaries in the world are focusing on something different this month. They wanted to start it as soon as possible. It´s Christmas season obviously, and I don´t know if you guys have heard, but the church came out with a video called ¨He is the Gift.¨ It´s about Christ and the true meaning of Christmas. Anyways we´re going all out with it, and it´s helped us find a few new investigators. In all of our contacts in the street, we basically talk about the video. We even have to keep track of our numbers with new people we find doing it, and send a weekly email back to the church. Anyways on December 7th, it´ll be on youtube as the featured video, and will also be advertised in Times Square. The church is going all out which is cool. The next day, on Thursday, we taught the zone class, and it went really well. We just talked about the video and ways we can apply it here in Chillan. I believe that on December 6th, we will be going to the big plaza here and have it on repeat on a big projector and doing contacts. We´ll see how that turns out. The video is found on don´t know if you guys have heard about it, but you guys should go watch it.. it´s awesome. Anyways, the other missionary I live with, Elder H, is from West Valley, and he´s on his second transfer. He told me the other day they made a Mormon Message on him, because in 7 days he went to 7 temples, and did family history for like 90 something of his ancestors. He got a letter from Neil Anderson is the mail and stuff, and they had camera guys in the MTC following him and stuff. Anyways the video is supposed to be out within the next month or so.. so that´s pretty cool. I honestly can´t believe it´s already December. I´m looking forward to Christmas.. we´re going to be doing an activity here in Chillán, just like last year when I was here... well not here but in Yungay.. but we traveled here for the activity. We don´t know exactly what we´re going to do, but this year they left it up to the zone leaders here to figure something out. We gotta talk to the other zone leaders and think of something.. I´m not very good at that stuff haha. That´s about all the updates for this week. N is progressing well towards December 13th. 
     Congratz to Utah for finishing the regular season at 8-4. Sounds like they overachieved the expectations with their hard schedule they had.. hopefully next year they can kill it. Good luck to them in the bowl game.. let me know where we´ll be playing and against who. Thanks Mom for getting that hard drive... you´re awesome. I was expecting you to like be asking me what I wanted you to do now, but you already sent it. What a baller. That will be sooo nice.... trust me. We have interviews with the president coming up on Wednesday.  Anyways thanks for the pictures.. Teagan´s and Hayden´s pictures/drawings made me laugh. Love those ballers. The picture of Bella with the stuffed dog also gave me a good laugh.. she´s so freaking cute. Is she still getting fatter? Well I should probably go... gotta put in a bunch of numbers... so fun right? Haha anyways thanks for everything and I´ll talk to you all next week!!!     NEILSON OUT!!!!!!

Just chillin in Chillan... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TEAGS!!!!‏

November 24, 2014
Hello everybody! Thanks for all the letters and everything. I´m doing well here in my new sector. Mom, to answer your question, yes I am still zone leader.. senior zone leader that is now. I´m enjoying being with Elder Sperry.. it´s brought back a lot of memories from good old Jordan High. We have a huge zone.. a ton of missionaries and it´s a lot of work. I´m so tired. Like for reals haha. Anyways we´re just working hard doing what we can. We have some good investigators as of right now. A few of them had not been accepting baptism dates for awhile, but we got S, a lady that´s like 80 to accept a date for this Saturday, She had been still drinking tea, so I think that would be the only thing that holds her back. We´re also teaching a guy named N, and the appointment we had he would not accept a baptism date. We talked with him, and then a couples days later, his girlfriend (a member) told us he had picked a date for December 13th. They say he´s pretty committed to that date so hopefully all goes well. The house I live in is probably the nicest one I´ve lived in. Now don´t start thinking it´s way nice, cuz compared to back home it´s a dump. But it´s bigger than my other houses and cleaner. We basically live in downtown Chillan. I think I like Concepcion better.. it´s more city like. It´s pretty hot here right now, and only going to get hotter. It´s all good though.. I just gotta wear a ton of sunscreen. The ward here is pretty sick.. we had close to 200 people in church, and it reminds me a lot of Santa Sabina. We live like 2 minutes away from the church so that´s nice too, just like Santa Sabina. Mom,  here is what happened with that picture. The zone leader I replaced here (Elder F) finished his mission, and both his parents came to Chile to pick him up. They went to all his sectors and visited all the people. They came to church on Sunday here in Chillan, and afterwards he wanted to take a picture of us to send it to our parents. It was weird seeing him with his american parents here in Chile. Haha the Mom I could tell was kind of in culture shock. She said Chillan here was the least economically depressing area she had yet seen here. As I laughed, she was like, ¨was that a good way to put it?¨ Haha they´re from Huntsville, Utah or something like that.. I don´t remember. Anyways just to fill you in a little on that.
   No, they don´t celebrate Thanksgiving here.. so we´ll just be doing the regular thing. Happy Birthday to Teagan.. can´t believe he´s 6. We played soccer today at our church, which was pretty fun. That´s all I can think of. As for our address. we live on a street named Arauco. Arauco 32B. We live right by a Homecenter Sodimac and Tottus, 2 giant stores. We have to open a white garage door type of thing, and walked towards the back to get to our house. Congratz to Utah for beating Stanford and then choking against Arizona. Good luck next week against Colorado. There´s a kid in this zone that was also in my last zone that´s going to play for Colorado. We always talk college football when we´re together. He´s huge. We were kicking a soccer ball and he told me I need to walk on somewhere as a punter. Haha he´s a cool kid. Anyways that´s about all I can think off.. sorry I´m just so freaking tired and have a horrible headache right now haha. But thanks for the letters, and have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING! And also once again, Happy Birthday Teags, I love you!
Love you all!!!