Sunday, August 24, 2014


Hey everyone! Congratulations to Robyn for finding out it´s gonna be a girl! When is the due date? That´d be cool if it was after I got home but I feel like it was before. That´s cool tho. Just a heads up.. this won´t be a long letter. I can´t type very well for some reason.. very uncomfortable. I´ve had some like tinging feeling in my fingers and wrist lately and it´s been really weird. I´m going to ask the nurse about it today probably if I get a chance. It´s been bugging me for a little bit now. Just know that all is well. The other day, we got special permission to go to a football game from the President. Haha apparently some missionaries helped out coaching and they had a game the other day so we went. It was weird.. felt just like a high school football game kinda. There were only like 8 missionaries there tho... the people that helped and the comps of them. The president and his wife made like cookies to snack on during the game so it was pretty fun. Yeah we had the conference the other day... that´s cool the pictures were up on the blog. Anyways we´ve found a family that we´re working with and we have a family night with them tomorrow.. I´ll let you know how it goes. Dinner for the elders.. that´s cool. Just have pop there.. that´s always the best. That´s crazy Tanner gets home tomorrow.. just take some pictures and video.. that´ll be cool. Anyways we´re still working hard trying to find more people to teach. Thanks for everything and I´ll be praying for you guys. Congratz again to Brian and Robyn.. love you guys!  I love you guys and I´ll talk to you later!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Quotes from the nephews... Gotta love em!‏

First off, thanks for the quotes from the kids! Every single one of them made me laugh.. haha my comp. was confused why I was laughing... so thanks! Keep them coming. Sounds like this week was an exciting week for everyone. I loved all the pictures too.. haha Hayden looks giant. I loved the picture too where they had the sleepover for me.. hahaha I got a good laugh out of that. That´s cool everything worked out with Melissa. I wonder when she´ll be coming back to Chile.. anyways thanks for getting that package sent! Also, Jon thanks for the Utah football pictures. The jerseys and helmets are sick! Anyways, V got baptized! Everything went well and his parents and him were really happy. I took a couple pictures so I´ll see if I can get them sent off. A member actually baptized him because his dad is less active.. it was his hometeacher. We are still teaching C, but we´re still working on getting the divorce for him. I´ll let you know how that goes. Apart from that, we aren´t really teaching anybody else that is progressing. That has been out biggest problem so far.. finding new peeps. We´re trying to be creative though. As of right now, we have to go to a different church like I told you downtown, which is a lot better. Our church was falling apart. The ceiling parts were getting soaked and falling, and water was seeping in through the walls and everything. It´s not too much further away, and the members actually liked it. Oh guess what? Right as the counselor got up to start giving announcements in Sacrament Meeting, the bishop hurries down and tells me they need me to give a 15 minute talk. I was like wow.... okay. Haha so I basically just went up there and went with the flow. I talked about the Plan of Salvation and why we´re here. It turned out well.. but ugh... with wards that don´t function too well.. anything goes on Sunday. Haha it´s all good though. Today we went to Chillán. Mom that´s Cheeyawn, not chillin.. (like with my homies) ;) Elder S had to buy some souveneirs and now we have permission to go to Chillán to buy souveneirs in our last transfer (see blog). It was nice and we met up with P.M. my friend from school that also goes home in 2 weeks.  Anyways that´s about it for this week. We´ve just been trying to avoid the rain as much as possible. I´m excited for the winter to be over. The winter always sucks kinda haha... but it´s a lot better than the winter last year. Last year was miserablely cold. That´s about it for the update this week. I can´t believe Tanner comes home in a week. That´s so crazy.. and that Cole is already home.. with a broken foot. That´s bad luck haha. Teaskie seems like he´s doing well... I honestly can´t believe next week he´ll be home. What the freak. Hey... if possible, maybe I´ll assign Brian to the task if he´s cool with it... to take a video of Teaskie coming home. It would be cool to see a video and maybe some pictures with my nephews/niece :) Anyways I can´t think of much else.. just thanks for all the pictures and for everything. You guys are all ballers and I love you guys so much. Keep it up.. keep pushing, and everything will be okay. I love you all and I´ll talk to you guys next week!


How is everything going back in Utah? I love Utah. It´s so sick. Especially my Utes. I don´t think the season is too far away.. how are they looking for this year? Anyways, I´ve been really good.. trying to stay focused ya know? DJ Teaskie and Cole are getting ready to go home, my companion, and my friend Emily Lloyd from the Concepción South mission. They´ll all be home in less than 3 weeks. Crazy stuff. Haha everyone I swear is going home, but I´ve still got work to do. Why is Cole going home early? I imagine it´s for school or something so he can get started. Anyways, we have a baptism coming up this Saturday. He´s 9 and he´s definitely ready for his baptism. We´re excited for it and he is too. Just keep him in your prayers! One difficulty we are going to have now is that we have to change churches. They are going to remodel our church, and now we have to change to go to a different church downtown. It will be probably be a little tougher bringing investigators, and the bishop thinks the attendance will go down too because some of the members might not want to make the trip. It´s not too incredibly far, but a lot of people don´t have a car so that´s the problem. Oh well, we´ll see what happens. I think everything will end up working out.  Our bishopric got changed too. The 2 counselors were released and we got some new ones, so the ward is having a lot of changes right now. Last week, we taught our zone class, and focused on the less actives and new converts. It went well, and we´ve seen a lot of progress in the zone with bringing more less actives to church. It´s been raining a TON here. I found some slip on rubber things that you put on over your shoes to protect them from the rain. Before, my socks and shoes would just be soaked, but now I´m good to go. I bought an umbrella too for 4 bucks which works well, but I´m pretty sure I left it in someone´s house. (I´m so freaking stupid like for reals someone should just hit me 3 times in the forehead) Today we went and played soccer at regular sized soccer field. It was fun... I´ve gotten a lot better. I´ll be beating DJ Teaskie for sure here pretty soon. Just kidding, but it just felt so freaking good to run and exercise. Walking all day in the rain just isn´t the same hahaha. I don´t know what else to update you guys on... it´s kinda like the same old same old every week ya know? Just trying to find more people to teach and teaching them. We had my first leader meeting where all the zone leaders meet in Concepción and put goals and stuff like that which was pretty fun. We all ate Papa John´s after which wasn´t too exciting because I ate it a lot in Santa Sabina.  Anyways I´m proud of Carter for scoring his first goal... that´s sick! :) and Brielle for turning 1. It´s weird I still haven´t met her. Boooooo. One thing I was thinking of that I miss... do the kids still say funny things? Or are they all too big now? I loved reading the funny quotes they would say. Just saying :)  Don´t worry!! Sounds like you guys had a good time in Yellowstone. I bet Jon was disappointed he wasn´t able to go. I´m also jealous of the fishing trip.. from the pictures sounds like the boys all had a good time. Thanks Bri for the pictures of Hayds... he looks gigantic in the picture where he´s holding the 8. Crazy stuff. How you guys doing with feeding Bella less? She still look like Jabba the Hut? Anyways that´s about it for this week... I hope all goes well this week for you guys and that everyone is happy and healthy. I love you all and I´ll talk to you guys later!