Monday, October 28, 2013


Here´s us in an American clothing store. It was awful. It was about half has cool as shopping in the D.I. My companion was so shocked I went into an american clothing store and didn´t buy anything. Honestly it was 3 times worse than the clothing in the D.I. Here´s a picture I took with one of the shirts in the ¨men´s section.¨  Hahaha

Here is a different part of the river that is right behind our hut with a bridge over it. We went there today to take some pictures because there´s nothing else to do here hahaha
Here is Soledad... she is an investigator of the sisters here and she got baptized on Saturday! I had to direct the meeting.. she was baptized by Leo there.. the secretary here in Yungay. He is awesome. He is member here that is very willing to help us.
Heyyyyyy family and friends how is everyone back at home? Thanks for all your letters, videos, pictures, and everything else! Freaking Utah.. I think that makes the 4th or 5th year in a row our starting quarterback can´t stay healthy. What a joke. I feel like the USC game was one of those games where I would´ve just been sooooooo mad and frustrated while watching it. Utah is a totally different team home and away it´s ridiculous.
 I haven´t gotten the prescription yet but they were going to send it by mail here to Yungay because nobody ever comes here to this ghosttown and I´m supposed to get it today. We´ll see if it helps with the stomach pains in the morning. That´s good Mom you´re enjoying work and your primary calling. How are you enjoying the new and remodeled office?
 Anyways we are still working hard to find more people to teach. It´s extremely tough here in Yungay with it being so small but we are trying to be creative. I will be teaching my first English class this Friday night right before our weekly movie night to try and bring more people to that. I´ve had a lot of people asking me to do an English class so it should turn out pretty well.  I hope you guys are all doing well and enjoying life back in good old Utah! Thanks for all your letters and for all do you to make our family the dopest family out there. Love you all!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Cowboy Corndogs

Getting checked out for stomach pain
 Birthday cake!
 Birthday lunch with members and sister missionaries
Hello my family! I am doing well here in Yungay still working hard to find more people to teach. I can´t believe Utah beats Stanford then loses to Arizona. That blows.. keep me updated on Travis Wilson´s injury. This past week has been a little slow like the other weeks but it´s all good. We have been contacting and trying to find more people to teach.  We got into a house the other day and we started teaching this lady. After about halfway through, she asked us what church we were from. Even though we had already told her, she was super confused. When she realized we weren´t Catholics, she got super disappointed and just stared at the floor for like 20 seconds. After she got super angry and kicked us out. Hahaha I was like wooooooow okay. Also we contacted this lady the other day. I handed her a pass-along card with a picture of Christ on it. She took it, ripped it all up, threw it on the floor, and slammed the door without saying anything. Hahaha people are so annoying sometimes. Anyways yes Mom, we had our interviews with the mission president. It went well and we talked about how it was going in Yungay being the 1st counselor. He knows it´s a lot of work. Also on Sunday, we got to church and we were making the announcement list for sacrament meeting and who was going to be speaking. Our ward mission leader, didn´t know he was supposed to give a talk, so he refused. Guess who has to give a talk in place for him? Well Elder Neilson, of course. I had to direct the meeting and while a member was giving a talk, I started to write down a few things I was going to say. I was going to be speaking last, after her and the 2nd counselor of the stake presidency. After she spoke, the 2nd counselor quickly looked at me and asked if I would hurry and talk so he could go last. Well, I ended up going up there with absolutely nothing not knowing what to talk about. Hahaha I ended up just talking about why I decided to serve a mission and the blessings I have seen in my life thanks to the Gospel. It ended up going pretty well. The medication the 1st doctor prescribed for me... well the paper got lost because the 2nd doctor kept it and never gave it back. I have to call the nurse her so she can call the 1st doctor back and figure out what it was that she prescribed me. It´s mostly just when I wake up in the mornings I have really bad stomach pain. Elder M was in Yungay with 2 other gringos, and apparently they got really sick too.  My companion now had 2 other gringos before me and they were super sick as well in their stomachs. The food is really distinct here and I´m thinking that´s the problem but we´ll see. The doctors said there wasn´t anything big wrong so that´s good. I honestly don´t know about my Christmas package yet. I need to think about it this week. I´m a little worried about only having 2 short sleeved shirts here for the summer. It´s already getting super hot some days and I feel like maybe more than 2 would have been a good idea. I do have some Christmas music on my ipod so I should be good there. I´m not sure about shoes yet.. If I need some I¨ll probably be able to buy some here in Chillan.  What else what else.. I don´t know. Our biggest struggle here in Yungay is finding more people to teach. We are trying hard to work with the less actives and to find people through them. We found a less active last night and her kid is 8. We are going to visit them tonight and all she wanted was to see pictures of my family. She wants to see little American kids because they are so ¨handsome.¨ She´s going to love the pictures of my nephews/niece! Also this week, we have family nights planned for every night with members/lessactives/newconverts. It should be good and hopefully we can find more people to teach through them. Anyways I think that´s about it for this week. But I do have some bad news. I talked to the mission president and apparently when Elder Gonzalez from the 70 came to the mission he told us we weren´t able to go to the temple in Santiago. So there goes that idea.. I was a little disappointed but oh well! It´s all good. Plenty of temples back in Utah right? Anyways I should probably go but thanks for everything and I love you all!

                                                     TREMPIN OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 14, 2013

And Utah takes down #5 Stanford!!!!‏

Good job to my Utes for taking care of business in RES Saturday night. I remember all my friends last year telling me how Stanford was going to kill Utah when they came to town.. never doubt my Utes!! I´m not going to lie and say that news made me a little homesick and made me wish I was able to be at that game.. but I know have more important things to do here in Yungay. I just keep telling myself I´ll be there for Travis Wilson´s senior year when we´ll win the Pac-12 and all head to Cali together for the Rose Bowl. Anyways, you´re all probably wondering why I´m emailing so late and being disobedient and emailing when I should be proselyting. Well... I had the wonderful opportunity of going to the hospital today on my birthday! Haha yesterday I didn´t feel to well so we left church early and I called up the nurse in our mission. She was worried about all my stomach pain I had been having so I had to travel 2 and a half hours to Concepcion to have an ultrasound. Anyways long story short I have to take a bunch of medication so we´ll see if that helps. I´ve been so sick of feeling like crap that I just decided to call the nurse to finally get checked out. Hahaha it was funny they put me in a wheelchair to take me down to the room to get the ultrasound.. I looked at them and said are you serious? I honestly thought they were joking for so long but yes.. I walk all day every day but I can´t walk down the hall to get an ultrasound.. my pride was at an all time low getting rolled down that hallway by a dude.But anyways thanks so much for all the pictures and the birthday video! I loved Hayden´s video.. ¨I´m 7 now! I´m 7... ¨ Haha definitely made me laugh. Also I started laughing when I saw the family video.. haha thanks so much you guys are the best! I was able to make the cake yesterday and I got some pictures.. I don´t know if I¨ll have time to send it because I honestly don´t have a ton of time tonight. I had a bunch of emails to go through before I got to writing this because you guys are awesome.. and I also had to watch those videos a few times. As for this week.. not a whole lot to report again. Geraldine wasn´t able to get baptized because she was missing some teachings, but we got the permission from her parents and everything this week and she is set up for the 19th. She does live in Huepil, so it makes it a little more complicated. We´re not sure if our District Leader will be able to come here this week for the interview, so it might have to wait for the 26th.I will keep you guys posted. This Sunday I had to direct Sacrament Meeting, bless the bread, and bless the sacrament. It´s a joke here.. there honestly is no priesthood here. I like the sister missionaries here, but wow if there´s no priesthood it wouldn´t hurt to have 2 more elders here to help out. Anyways we´re still working hard with all the less actives here because there´s a bunch. We´ll see what we can do. I´m glad the baby blessing went well.. I really enjoyed the pictures! If anyone was wondering.. Dallin has definitely been the biggest shock out of all my nephews. He is so different and huge now and looks like the perfect mix of Hayden and Teagan. It´s nuts. Also sounds like the sealing session was awesome.. wish I could of been there for the blessing and that but it´s all good! I loved Grandpa´s styling glasses. I definitely got a good laugh out of that hahaha. About my shoes and stuff... I believe there´s places I can buy shoes yes mom.. but the size 12 I´m not sure. I had to buy some slippers when I first got here and yeah size 12 doesn´t exist. About the office mom with the computer skills thing.. I honestly wouldn´t mind that haha.. I love computers and everything to do with them! Everybody asks me what I want to do when I come home and I tell them I´m thinking to do something with computers I just don´t know what. Anyways on Saturday we had an activity for the young men and women in Chillan. We don´t have any.. so we had to find some investigators and their friends. We ended up with 4 people that went.. I was actually planning on helping them out dancing to Starships by Nikki Minaj... but last minute we didn´t get permission. They danced to One More Time by Britney Spears. I´m not gonna say it was the greatest dance I´ve ever seen. Anyways there´s not a whole lot more to tell you guys.. I feel like I should be telling you guys more about my week but honestly like I´ve told you guys Yungay isn´t the happening place. I can´t believe I´m not a teenager anymore.. thanks Macee for reminding me how old I am now. But again thanks for all the emails/pictures/videos you guys sent me. You guys are awesome. I just remembered I didn´t bring my cable so I can´t send the pictures today but hopefully next week. I also wanted to write some personal emails to you guys a little bit but I don´t know if I´ll have time. We´re supposed to be in our house in 15 minutes planning for tomorrow haha. The President and his wife actually just called me about a half hour ago to wish me a Happy Birthday. They´re awesome.. we actually have interviews with President Arrington this Wednesday.. so that should be good. Today we were lost in Concepcion looking for the mission office when I spotted some more missionaries in the distance. We met up with them and it was Peter Morgan from school! Haha he is in that area so he helped us out.. anyways I hope I answered all the questions that you guys had and that Mom can now relax that I got my letter sent off.. but I should probably head out. Thanks again for everything and I love you all! Congratz to my Utes again and good luck to them this week against Arizona! ¨Utah Man Sir, Will Be Til I Die!!¨ GO UTES!

Monday, October 7, 2013

My Leg Itches like there´s as Banana Peel Glued to it‏

Trenton received his birthday package in 2 1/2 weeks.
His birthday is on October 14th.

Hey everyone how´s everything going? Conference was awesome this past weekend.. sounds like everyone had the chance to watch it. I´m a little disappointed about my Utes. 0-2 with Stanford coming to town. Uh-oh. With 6 turnovers and still being in the game at the last really surprised me. We´ll see what happens! I´m also a little disappointed you guys left the game early.. but I forgive you all! Yes I was able to watch the conference in English in my own little room with my Starburst.. that was nice. Yes that is right.. I GOT MY PACKAGE! I got it last Wednesday so that was good. Thanks so much everybody.. I loved it! Everything I wanted was there so you guys are awesome. Hayden, Teagan, Carter and Dallin.. thanks for your gifts! I have pictures that I will be sending so stay tuned. I forgot to make an outline for my letter today.. so hopefully it´s not all over the place and I can remember what happened this week. We still have been working in Huepil a lot and with less actives. Geralddin we are still working with.. she wasn´t able to come to general conference but she still has a date for the 12th. She has been hard to find in her house to teach and she is missing some teachings still.. so hopefully all goes well. Anyways Saturday night it suddenly became my problem at 10:00 pm that we didn´t have a computer or anyone that knew how to set it up to watch the relief society meeting in the morning. The branch president always leaves everything last minute here and just dumps it off on me. The stake president is actually really frustrated with him. The only day he does work here for the branch is on Sunday. I´m working hard with the elders quorum president named Hermano Poblete with whom I will get to a little later. He is awesome. Anyways I had to go find a computer last minute and set it all up for the 2 members that came to watch it. Saturday night for the priesthood session, there were 3 people there to watch it. We had more members there for the Sunday morning session, but zero for the afternoon session. Yes yes yes it is obvious, WE ARE IN YUNGAY. Haha that´s kind of a joke known around the mission... good old Yungay. Also yesterday, a member had had a computer for a very long time but nobody in Yungay knew how to set it up. Haha we had a family night over there and I got it all set up for her and she was so thankful. It´s sad here.. there´s so many people that can´t read, type, or know anything about any electronics. Freak I can´t think of anything exciting that happened this week.. sorry. Today a less active member asked me if I knew how to cook this special soup. I was like nope.. haha she was like are you serious? She told me I needed to learn how to cook.. she asked me what do you do if your mom is sick? I told her we usually can just go grab fast food. That probably wasn´t a good idea.. haha apparently we´re rich! Haha people don´t understand how many fast food restauraunts/restuarants there are in America. The only restaurant here in Yungay is this lady that cooks.. you go into her house and sit at her table and she´ll cook you something real quick. Be thankful to live in America! That reminds me the day I left Linares. Eduardo and his family wanted to see our house on google earth. Yes I got a ton of crap because are house is ¨HUGE¨. They were like wow how rich are you? Haha it was funny. I also had a mini-cambio again with Elder W in his area. That was definitely a long day. He really really is struggling with the language and we didn´t have any appointments. We stayed at the zone leaders house with Elder P (Lone Peak) and Elder M because they were in a mini-cambio too! Houses of 4 are so much better.. I sometimes feel like I´m going to die of boredom in my house of 2. Anyways Mom I didn´t really have a favorite talk.. there were a lot of good ones. I really like Russel M. Nelson´s about the human body and how it´s such a great gift from God. Also Gerald Caussé from the presiding bishopric did a good job. He spoke to us in the MTC on Easter if you don´t remember. The guy that gave the closing prayer in priesthood session also came to our mission not too long ago and he helped us out a lot.. Elder Gonzalez. Holland always does a really good job too! Anyways about the address of our house. It´s 62 Chipana.. at least I think it´s 62. It could be 64 as well...There´s a wooden house just inside the black gate to the left.. and you have to keep going down the trail and it´s the last house on the left in front of the river. Let me know if you can find it! That´s cool Brielle is getting blessed this coming Sunday.. take some pictures of her and send them to me if possible! That sucks for Real.. sounds like they really choked like Utah teams love to do. Yes Dad it´s starting to get warmer here now in Yungay and it´s so much better. The freaking winter here sucks big time I´m not gonna lie haha. Sophie when she finds us on the street will follow us still.. my companion is really scared of dogs so he always locks it in the front yard of people´s houses. Sophie loves to hide behind other cars and jump out and chase cars as they go out. She´s almost gotten hit a few times because she doesn´t see the other cars coming from the opposite way. Haha but there´s 2 dogs that chill at our house because they live around there and they´re pretty dope. Some P-Days I´ll just go out and play with them. And yes there´s a ridiculous amount of stray dogs here in Chile! That´s good you went and visited Grandma.. I´m sure she really enjoys the company. Is her health good besides her mind? And how is Grandpa doing? The other day I had the feeling that I just wanted to talk to Grandpa so bad.. haha it was weird. But honestly I can´t think of any more exciting things that happened.. good luck to Utah against Stanford.. wish I could be there! #5 team in the nation will hopefully be an exciting game if Utah comes to play. Let me know how it goes! Also thanks for the package again.. it´s awesome! I will be making the cake at Hermano Poblete´s house this Sunday.. his birthday is also the 14th. We will be eating a really good lunch and then we will eat the cake afterwards.. I´ll see if I can take some pictures! But thanks for everything and I love you all! I´ll talk to you all next week..... PEACE OUT NEIL FAM!