Monday, May 26, 2014

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May 26, 2014
Family and friends, what´s up? How did everyone enjoy the annual Pocatello trip? I saw a few of the pictures and wow it´s like I´ve been there before.. so weird ;P Haha just kidding but it looks like you all had a good time with the 1002 kids under the age of 12. Haha so many now I don´t even know all their names. I was looking at a picture of all the kids and couldn´t figure out why Staci was in the picture.. but then after looking at it a little longer I realized it was Brinley hahaha. Anyways this week has been a bit of a downer. C.G. was progressing so incredibly well. She had her baptism interview and passed it so easily. The zone leader said she is the most prepared investigator he had ever seen on his mission. Anyways the next day after the interview, we get a call from her saying she had decided not to get baptized yet. Freaking Satan works 25/8. She had talked to a friend of hers that had been inactive for a really long time, and she told her she didn´t agree with what we did in the temples. She told C.G. that she had to think things out really well before getting baptized. When it was all said and done, she said she wanted to get to know the church more and would get baptized later. She was all excited to come to church and everything, and then she didn´t show up. We have an appointment with her today, but it´s just disappointing. I feel like my faith has been tested to the max here in Santa Sabina. A total of 3 investigators that had their interviews or were 95% sure of baptism, and then backed out. I´m trying to figure out what we need to do better but wow I was just so upset. Everyone else like has investigators come to their church saying they want to get baptized and we here working our absolute butts off to get these people to church, and then to their baptismal interview which they pass, and then they decide not to do it. Mom, I don´t know if you´re still reading Preach My Gospel, but the last section in chapter 1 about A Successful Missionary has really helped me. I´m just here to raise the warning voice and it´s up to them to accept the message or not. I don´t know what page it is in English, but you can find it I´m sure. That basically sums up this week, or all of my time here in Santa Sabina I guess I could say. I still love it here, and love the ward and all the members, but it´s been tough. We are working well with a less active family that I believe I have told you about. V.M., and her kids. She has a kid that´s 9 that really wants to get baptized, another daughter that´s 7, and a daughter that´s 22 that´s already a member. She had a bad experience in church a long time ago, but she´s got a really strong testimony. The 9 year old was running around church when he was like 3, and a member screamed, ¨Whose kid is this!?¨ She was also with her husband that´s not a member, and he never wanted to go back. We have been visiting them but she keeps saying we´ll think about coming back. She wants to but is a little scared. We shared lesson 1 with her and she really felt the Spirit, and said, ¨Elder, I know I have thought about it for a long time, but next Sunday, we´re going to church. The kids were so excited haha. We just need to keep in contact with them and make sure they keep with their promise. They are Chileans, so we need to keep committing them to church so they actually come. There´s the update on our investigators. We do have transfers next week, and I can see it going both ways. I could be leaving, or I could be staying another transfer. Don´t ask me what I would rather do, because I have mixed feelings about it haha. I´ll let you guys know next week in my letter :) I had a few doubts about sending those pictures... I sent some compressed ones and some normal ones just in case, but sounds like neither of them really worked out. Hopefully all goes well and it turns out okay. The face on President Bush sounds kinda dumb so I would rather not have that at the wedding haha. I didn´t hear an update form you so I´m guessing the guy didn´t get back to you on the quality. Thanks for those bridal pictures.. not gonna lie one kinda creeped me out hahaha it had me laughing because it just was kinda creepy. The one where they switched the little white bridal hat and the suit.. do you know which one I´m talking about? Haha I was just looking at it and just felt awkward. Hahaha but I liked the other pictures :) How did Jon´s date go? Sounds like he had a good time.. she pretty cute? So Teaskie is going to what´s most likely his last sector... that´s crazy. Is he happy or did he want to stay in his other area? Anyways that´s about it for this week... thanks for writing me Mom and Trevor for the picture. The kids sure seemed to enjoy Idaho! I´ll let you guys know what´s up next week about transfers.. I hate transfers by the way. Haha but I love you all and I´ll talk to you all next week!!!
             ELDERRRRR NAYLSEWN (like the Chileans call me)   :)
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Santa Sabina

Cowboy Corndogs‏

May 19, 2014
Hey family! Here I am again, and I definitely forgot my camera... so I won´t be able to get the picture for the cardboard cutout sent off yet. I feel bad but I totally spaced to bring my camera today. HOPEFULLY next week I will remember. Haha hopefully once I finally get the picture to you guys, he can get it printed off pretty quick. This week was a pretty decent week. We had Stake Conference and C.G. was able to come to an hour of it. After, she invited us to eat at her house that night. She has a baptism date for this coming Sunday, but isn´t 100% about it. The appointment we had with her last night went really well and she really loves the laying on of hands and temples. She understands she would be the first in her family to be baptized and how many blessings she would receive for her and for her family. She wants us to pass by every day this week so hopefully all goes well. She knows Satan will be working hard this week and said she´s going to continue to read the Book of Mormon and pray. We said she is going to be watching mormon messages when we´re not there and stuff like that. We are most likely going to have the baptismal interview with her on Wednesday. She´s really good, but I¨m a little worried she might want a little more time. I can see it going both ways, and we just have to have faith haha. If we do our part, everything should work out. Just be praying for her. Her daughter has been busy with her studies and said she wants a little more time, but said she loves when we go over. They both say there´s a distinct feeling in the house when we go there. I know her daughter too will get baptized at some point. They are really awesome and so nice, and understand the things perfectly when they read from the Book of Mormon. N. has been really sick with we don´t what, and she has to go get some tests run today. With how she is now, it´s basically impossible to teach her. She was crying the other day and I asked her a question and she said she couldn´t even think. She just explains it as feeling weird with constant pain in her neck. C. basically said he wants more time to think awhile ago and doesn´t have enough time to share and so we haven´t been able to share with him. We´ve seen him walking in the street but he just doesn´t have time for anything. Anyways in the Stake Conference we had our mission president come and also the temple president from Santiago. They both did good jobs and the mission president talked a lot about hastening the work and having the members and missionaries unite. It was a good conference and the choir too did a good job. Today we went and played soccer at an actual soccer field with turf which was alright. I´d rather just play basketball obviously. But it´s all good! That´s basically all that has happened this week. I´ve had to help the sister missionaries out a lot in my district because they´re all having a lot of troubles finding and teaching their investigators. Anyways there´s not much more to report, this week was kind of boring. Lately nothing really cool has happened haha. This letter seems to be a little short but there´s not much new stuff because we just talked last week on Skype. But thanks for all you guys do and I love you all! I will talk to you guys again next week!!! But as for right now.... 

                                                       ELDER TRENTON DANIEL NEILSON OUTTTTTTTTT!

Surfin USA‏

May 12, 2014
Hello friends and family! It´s the day after Mother´s Day and it was really nice getting to talk to you all yesterday, as well as Tanner. Sounds like everyone is doing well and enjoying life back at home. I´m glad the internet worked out fine and we were able to get insome quality time. It was awesome seeing my nephews and niece as well, and that they haven´t changed too much, besides Dallin. (He is huge and is a shock to see walking and talking) Carter is still freaking hilarious and the other boys are as well. Hayden is still a baller, and Teagan with his Teagan face.. hahaha. That´s sweet that Brielle is crawling too! It was also nice getting to know Staci a little bit so that I could approve her :) hahaha just kidding but thanks for all being there to be able to Skype. Now... 7 more months til the next one! Anyways thanks for being such an awesome family... I miss you guys a ton and more than you guys probably know but I know we´ll have plenty more time to hang out and joke around like always hahaha. Not much to report today... we went to the beach today and played soccer. I did take some pictures that I´ll see if I can send as soon as I´m done here. Last night we got home right as I had to call all the missionaries in my district and I finished when we had to go to bed. Then we had to wake up early and go right to the beach, and from there we came here. So... I wasn´t able to get the picture :( I´ll make sure I get it to you guys next week though.. I hope that will leave enough time for the guy to get it done. I feel bad and I wanted to get the picture taken, but there honestly was just no time after Skype and before/after the beach. Sorry... but next week I´ll for sure get it sent to you guys.  One thing I forgot to ask that I wanted to know... who else was at our Sacrament Meeting yesterday.. did other people go? I´m glad they had the email version since my letter didn´t arrive in time. Today we got permission to go to the mall to look at some shoes and I ended up buying new shoelaces. We took advantage and ate some KFC which was not nearly as good as in the states. Everything just tastes better there haha. Anyways not much more to report since we just talked yesterday.. just know that I love you all! I´ll talk to you guys all next week.... ELDER NEILSON OUT!!!
P-day at the beach

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I Saw the Sign- Dance Party in the Basement after Sherlock Holmes (B-How and SoCo)‏

May 5, 2014
Hey family! I´ll see if I can keep this somewhat short since we´ll be talking in 6 days anyways. This week, well C didn´t get baptized. After we taught him tithing and he had committed to it, he all of a sudden said he didn´t want to change religions yet and wanted some time to think. He said he works a lot and it´s hard to share with us, go to church, and work at the same time. Anyways I´m getting a little annoyed with investigators being really good and then either disappearing or just not wanting to progress. But I guess it´s all in the Lord´s time. I feel like we did our part with him, and are just going to give him a little time and see what happens. N has been a little tough too with time issues, but C G came to church! She is the woman that reads a ton of the Book of Mormon but had difficulties coming to church. She finally came, and loved it. I do know she smokes though, and drinks coffee. Anyways we always do work with working with the members with our investigators. We never have to pass by to bring our investigators to church. We always have members go pick them up in their cars. Anyways I seem like we don´t have struggles bringing investigators to church, it´s just after bringing them to church and baptizing them is what´s a little tough. I´ll keep you guys posted with our investigators.... we are having major difficulties finding new investigators. Even in the summer it was hard, and now it´s getting a little colder and rainy and the people are even harder to talk to. I did go buy a rain suit because I didn´t have pants, and I just use my nice coat with the pants I bought. I´m planning on buying boots for like 12 books either this week or next week. We are also working with a lady that has been a member for a really long time and her kid is 9 years old and isn´t baptized. She had a bad experience in church like the rest of the less actives in all of Chile and that´s why she doesn´t come. Her 9 year old was running around church like 7 years ago and another member jumped up and yelled, ¨Whose kid is this?¨ Haha she´s been a member all of her life and was a really really strong member too. We visited her with the bishop when it was pooring rain and she really enjoyed the visit. She said she wants to come back but it´s really hard for her. By the way the bishop here is so sick. He served in Santiago like a ton of returned missionaries here. This week we brought 7 less actives to church which is still really good for being in Chile haha. I remember Elder C, my other companion just being so surprised at how much harder and difficult the people here are in Chile. We feel really good about that and are working hard with the less actives. We reactivated 2 people, and it looks like the one we reactivated they are about to call as our new ward mission leader. We´re not sure yet.. so we´ll see. Anyways, sounds like everything is going well back at home. Where is Jeremy planning on living? From Heather´s letter, made it sound like the back of Staci´s parents house but I´m not sure. I always figured Jeremy would be living in  Jon´s guest house just like on Yes, Dear with Jimmy and Greg. Hahahahaha :) Congratz to Dallin for being 2! I can´t believe I forgot his birthday... I only remember Hayden´s is June 5th because I remember that day so vividly and I think Teagan´s is November 25th or something like that... can someone please remind me of the other kid´s birthdays? I feel bad :(  Yes Mom, I got my tie. So hopefully I´ll be able to get that picture sent off next week. I need a haircut because my hair is long again. Thanks for all you do and I can´t wait to talk to you guys all next week! HAPPY MOTHER´S DAY!!!!!!!!
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