Monday, July 28, 2014

Finger Twist & Split‏

Here we go again. Another letter I´m about to write to my family and friends. Thanks for the updates and for the letters letting me know you guys are all still enjoying the Utah summer :) I´m emailing a little late today because we had a meeting for all the zone leaders. I get P-Day all day which is nice tho... so I´ll take advantage and hopefully take a nap. A nap. Yes. That would be awesome. Anyways the meeting went well and we were able to eat Papa John´s. I talked awhile with Elder Ainge, which is Danny Ainge´s son. (Manager of the Celtics I believe) He´s a pretty cool kid and we talked about some basketball. I wanna play a quality game on a wooden court if you guys didn´t already know haha. Anyways this week was pretty good. Elder S is awesome.. we´re a lot alike and get along really well. The thing is.. I don´t know if I told you guys this, but this is his last transfer. He goes home in a month and we´re trying to work really hard. None of our investigators were able to come to church. We had committed all of them to come, but it looks like the downpouring rain stopped them from coming. It´s been raining for like 3 days straight now. It´s pretty ridiculous. I bought an impermeable (rainsuit) or pants or whatever which don´t work at all. They like broke and lets water in. Instead of buying an expensive pant I´ll just be buying an umbrella today to get me through the rest of winter.. shouldn´t be too much longer. Last week I bought some more pants... 2 pairs for 16 bucks a piece to see if they can get me through the rest of my mission. One pair I crouched down and my crotch area just ripped.. but I´ll see if I can sew them up.  My boots I bought worked well for awhile, but now they let water in too. Like in Utah, it´ll rain but then it´ll like stop ya know? Here, when it rains, it rains for at LEAST 2 days straight. You might think like it stops every now and then, but no. It´s constantly RAINING. It´s so annoying haha but that´s the way it is. We´ve been lucky the past couple of weeks with no rain. Anyways V is progressing well. He´s the 9 year old that will be getting baptized on August 9th. He didn´t come to church because his mom was sick. He wanted his dad to baptize him for awhile, and we´re still not 100% what he thinks about somebody else doing it, but he´s excited to get baptized.
     The area I´m in isn´t too dangerous... well there´s one place that is at night. We try not to go there at night.. it´s super sketchy apparently. We work there very little even during the day, not because it´s dangerous, but because we have more success in other places. I´m back into a ward where I need to help with a lot of stuff.. cleaning the church, and passing the sacrament. We showed up to clean the church, and we were the only ones for like an hour. Haha then more people showed up. It´s all good tho.. it´s a good chance to serve and help out the ward. Like 70 or so people attended on Sunday, more than normal because it was ward conference. The stake president gave a sick class in priesthood about missionary work. I´m enjoying helping people in this zone as a zone leader. We get asked a lot of questions from a lot of other missionaries, so it´s fun to help out where we can. I´m still getting to know all the people in the ward and we´re trying to gain all the members confidence. 
     I´m glad you guys enjoyed St. George. I´m jealous. I love watching the Blue Angels/Thunderbirds. Wouldn´t that be sick to be a pilot like that? I can´t believe how different the good old Mount Jordan 4th ward is going to be when I get home, and even when DJ Teaskie gets home. (sidenote: Could you forward me Tanner´s last few emails before he gets home? Thanks.) New bishop, and a lot of new people. Bishop Stoddard is a stud bishop, but Matt Raty will be sick too.  Yeah like you said... Sam and Teaskie will be in the ward still so that´s cool.  About the shoes... I don´t know what to do either. I would probably like a new pair when I get home. Maybe just not a WAY nice pair or something like that to get me to the end. I don´t know.. what do you think Mother Teresa? Hopefully everything works out with meeting up with Melissa. A couple more requests in a package I was able to think of. I don´t know if I have more protein that I used before.. but maybe you could send that in a ziplock bag or something? And also.. maybe a couple more pairs of socks? Church socks and long black nikes? I´m running out due to laundry misplacements and old age haha. Homemade cookies from Robyn? :) 
     Anyways I gotta go now but I love you all and thanks for everything!

Monday, July 21, 2014


July 21, 2014
Hayden, CONGRATULATIONS DUDE! That´s cool you were able to get baptized. That was a complete surprise to me.. someone had mentioned something about you getting baptized sometime but I hadn´t heard any more. But that´s cool dude.. you´re a baller. Would´ve liked some pictures tho :( Oh well.. maybe next week. Anyways, I´m glad everyone`s health is improving.. I´ve been praying for everyone. I´ve been doing well. I´m not a fan of changes.. in fact I had changes in the mission. Or.. just when I have to change areas. It sucks as you have to adjust to everything. But I´m used to it now and know that it just takes time to get used to everything. I get along really well with Elder S.. he´s a really cool kid. We both played high school ball, and we both love the same type of music. We always talk about Angels and Airwaves, Cute is What we Aim For, and just bands like that.  We live on the 5th floor, and it´s not too cold. I get a tiny bit cold at night, but it´s not too bad. It´s a bunk bed of like 3 beds... they added one a little bit ago and I swear it´s not very safe haha. I´m on the very bottom and there´s like a total of 8 inches between my face and the bars on the bottom of the next bed. To adjust my bed or my blanket, I have to ¨slip¨ out of my bed to fix it. As Robyn would know, I like my blankets PERFECT. It´s kinda ridiculous and I¨m thinking about taking my bed off and putting it somewhere else. Anyways being zone leader hasn´t been too bad... we have a pretty big zone and we´re working really hard. We have few investigators.. but we´re working hard to find more. One of them is 9 years old, named V. If everything goes well, he should be getting baptized on the 9th of August. His mom is full on active, and he just wanted his dad to baptize him for a really long time, but he smokes and stuff like that. Anyways he wants to just get baptized now so we´re working with him. Another investigator is named D-Sizzle... well okay that´s just what we call him cuz he´s a straight up gangster. Hahaha he´s so funny but not really progressing, but me and Elder S have a lot off fun with that name we gave him. I live with a kid from Canada, and one from Argentina. Hopefully I only have this sector or 1 more because for reals changing areas just sucks. My area is definitely poorer than Santa Sabina. Santa Sabina is very BLESSED. It´s such a cool ward. Here, like 60 or so people attend, and there was like 4 dudes for priesthood other than us missionaries. SO DIFFERENT than Santa Sabs. A lot of the area are little apartments so it´s a little difficult, and the actual houses type things are in like downtown Concepcion basically. It´s a little more ¨gangsterish¨ (Can´t remember the word to explain that in English) but the members I¨ve met are really nice. Well, that´s about it for the update on my sector. I still don´t know the area very well or all the people but it´s just a process. I can´t believe Jon met up with Elder E haha. I just talked to him the day he left..  He´s a pretty cool kid and that´s weird to think he´s at home now talking to my brother haha. Good old Grandpa... being stubborn. Is he like still normal then? Like remembers everything? Just curious. I love my G-Pa. Tell him that please haha :) Are they seriously changing the ward boundaries? That freaking sucks. Kinda depressing.. gonna be so different.  I don´t know what else to update you guys on.. or questions I had. I hope you guys enjoy St. George... and I also want a really good update on the ward changes. That´s also way cool Hayds got baptized... I really want some pictures of his baptism, and the picture where he looks just like me. In that picture, I´m guessing he has REALLY red hair. Haha gosh I can´t believe that. Anyways I love you all and I´ll talk to you guys all next week!!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Me voy a... Concepción.. super cerca!‏

Costume activity
Costume activity where Elder R dressed up like a homeless guy. He was lying outside the church during a sandwich activity. At the end he was going to walk in and eat the food, and see the members reaction. At the end he was going to undress so all the members knew it was him. It was a planned activity that only the ward mission leader knew about. The 2nd counselor in the bishopric, even before the activity started inside, kicked him out of the parking lot where he was laying down. After we told the 2nd counselor, he felt really bad haha. I´ll see if I can send a picture. We didn´t have makeup... so we think of the next best thing... shoe polish. Haha yes we put shoe polish on his face... he had a hard time getting it off :)

Trenton's district

Saying goodbye to a few families in Santa Sabina before getting transferred to downtown Concepcion

July 14, 2014
Hello all! First of all, I want to say I will be praying for you guys and all your health. Seems like there´s some health issues going on and I will for sure be praying. Anyways, we did have transfers today, and guess what? I will be leaving Santa Sabina. I didn´t really want to leave, but that´s mission life. I will be going very close, about 10 minutes away in bus, to the zone of downtown Concepción. I will be going to a ward called Laguna Redonda. I will not be going as District Leader however. The President called me last night and asked me if I would be willing to go as Zone Leader. So, I will be going to be zone leader and my companion will be Elder S. He is from Utah, went to Timpview, and played basketball there. I actually know him and have done a couple mini-cambios with him in Linares. He was also my zone leader when I was there in Yungay. He´s a really cool kid and I get along well with him. I told him in Linares when he was leaving that for some reason I felt like I would be his companion somewhere down the road, and it happened so that´s pretty cool haha. Anyways I´m excited and it should be pretty fun. There´s all elders in my zone, including the assistants. I was actually in my future house about 8 weeks ago to change after playing soccer. I´m going to live in an apartment that´s on the 5th floor, with no elevators. Haha I´ll sure be loving the stairs. Anyways where I study it´s a closed off room so I should have a heater in there :) where I sleep is a little more open but at night isn´t the worst because I have all my blankets, just in the mornings to study. I´m excited though and it should be pretty fun. I will also live with an elder from Argentina that I get along pretty well with, and another gringo that´s pretty new in the mission that I don´t know. I started saying goodbye last night even before I knew cuz I just kinda knew I was leaving haha. I saved my favorite families for tonight, and I´m going to print off some pictures I made to leave them. I will also leave N with that triple, and a framed picture I got for her. I´m planning on going to Lider to buy some dog toys for her dogs. They´re cool but Bella is cuter and more of a baller. I went and finally got a haircut at our ward mission leader´s house. He cuts our hair for free and I love his kids. One is 2 and the other is 5. The 2 year old wouldn´t let me leave.. it was sad haha. I just miss my nephews. We had 3 investigators in church though.. B´s husband, and her son J, and guess what? N´S HUSBAND! He came and he liked church. The daughter too said she wants to come next week. They´re such an awesome family.. really nice.. and I´m hoping they will all be baptized her within the next couple of months. I know J too will be getting baptized here pretty soon. It´s fun to see people progress from the moment that you get to know them. It´ll suck not being able to continue working with them, but it´s all good. Elder F too, in our house will be leaving. I´ll miss that kid. He is so funny and we had a lot of fun together. Anyways Elder B and Elder R will be staying. I´ll miss the both of them as we had a lot of good times haha.   Anyway, on Saturday morning we had a ¨family morning¨ with B´s family because that´s when her husband isn´t working. They made us pancakes and we were finally able to share with the husband. He´s a really nice and humble guy and likes coming to church. We were able to reactivate that family and we´re hoping all the family will be members here pretty soon. I don´t know what else to update you guys on... that´s about it. Just be saying goodbye to some families I got to know here. If anyone is planning on coming to pick me up in the future, Santa Sabina would be a good place to visit because it´s right by the airport and there´s a ton of members. Just saying.  That´s cool that you guys were able to celebrate Jeremy and Jon´s birthday, and also go to Silver Lake (thanks Trevor for the video). Brielle seems active as ever.. climbing up and down stairs.. haha she also sounds like a baller. I wish I could just hold her for like 5 minutes. Someone give her a big hug for me. Anyways I can´t think of anything else... that´s about it. Thanks for everything and I hope everyone is doing well with their health. Again, I´ll be praying for everyone. I´ll talk to you guys next week!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


July 7, 2014
Heyyyyyyyy dudes. How´s it going? I´d like to start off with one request to you all. Can you all please stop feeding Bella so much? She´s kinda big. Hahaha for reals tho... maybe you guys don´t notice cuz it´s a gradual process but wow she´s getting big. The pictures inside I loved of her but I legit thought Dallin was sitting under the tramp with Jabba the Hut. She´s so freaking cute though.. I love and miss her. Also, I want to say Happy Birthday to Jeremy and Jon on the 12th. Getting old aren´t they? :P My twin brothers... such ballers. I´m glad you all enjoyed the 4th of July! I bought a Papa John´s pizza to celebrate. Also, a member gave me a 1998 authentic Chilean jersey from the World Cup that year as a gift that day. It´s so sick and I rep it all the time. Anyways, B and her family came to church again today. She still wants more time for her son to learn more about baptism, and I imagine he´ll be baptized her within a month or so, but I don´t think I´ll be there to see it. It´s all good. I feel like I did my part with finally bringing them back to church after 8 years, and it´s cool because she really feels good and she just looks happier. We also have an investigator named O. He is the husband of a less active we found and they decided to come to church. They have the cutest little daughter oh my gosh. She´s 2 years old and she just sings and dances to the songs on Frozen. She watches videos on youtube and acts everything out that´s going on. During church though, she was just singing and running around all the benches. Haha I thought it was funny because the mom was trying to catch her the whole time. It´s been pretty cold here, but our small room in our house has been really nice. We sleep and study in the same small room, and we have a heater we turn on. It´s automatic so it keeps the room the same temperature all night. I had a mini-cambio the other day and it was soooooooo cold in a different house. I couldn´t sleep and it was miserable studying. I´m hoping if I get transferred, it won´t be too cold in that house. I´m loving the house I´m in during the winter. Last year in Linares, was miserable to say the least. Let´s all pray I don´t go to Chillan, where it´s absolutely freezing. Yesterday, the mission president and his wife came to visit Santa Sabina. They hadn´t gone there yet and wanted to see what it was like. We had a TON of less actives there, and he was pretty impressed and made a comment about it after. During the 3rd hour, we all met as missionaries and discussed how the ward was doing. It´s going pretty well, and he asked if 6 missionaries was too many or too little. I told him it seemed to be fine. There are more missionaries coming in than leaving and he said he´s going to have to open up some more sectors. Uh oh. The biggest fear I have is getting tranferred to an area/house where it is freezing, because it just makes everything miserable. All the sister missionaries I came here with go home this next transfer. So weird. N is still doing well! She comes every week with a member, and she gave the prayer is the Gospel Principles class. She prayed that her family as well could be members like her. I just got done buying her a photo frame and I´m going to print out the picture of her baptism and give it to her, along with the triple Mom bought through the website. Anyways this week was really good and we had a ton of lessons with people, and we brought a ton of less actives to church. We´re feeling pretty good about that. Anyways that´s about it for this week. The shoes... I don´t know what you want to do about those. I´m still using my 2 pairs of shoes I got right now..they aren´t in the GREATEST of shape, but they´re still usable.  Also, congratz to Isaac Naylor for getting called to such an awesome country like Chile! Sucks he has to wait so long, but he´ll love it here. Shoutout to Lauria for getting Big-J to write me. Haha and to Lauria for writing me.. definitely made me laugh. Lauria... how much does he charge to rent from Howell-Buster? Is he still updating that movie stash he´s got? Well, I wish I would have gotten an update from Mom on her CAT scan. Hopefully all is well and she´s feeling better. Well, I better sign off. Thanks for everything and I love you all!!!!!!