Tuesday, March 26, 2013


  • Hola my wonderful family!‏

Hey dudes! How's it going back in good old Sandy? From the letters I've been reading it seems pretty good! Here in my least favorite part of Utah in Provo it's going pretty well. Apparently last week my email seemed down.. I didn't think it was! I was actually extremely happy because it was P-Day. I was just tired.. the same as right now. We like to get up really early, do our laundry, get our emails sent, and then go back and take a nap! It's 5:30 am so my letter will probably be all over the place like last time :) Sorry about that! I had a list of stuff I wanted to tell everyone but I left it in my classroom last night. So I quickly made a new one so hopefully I can remember everything. First of all, I just want to say how crazy it is how much I've learned here while being in the MTC! It's been 4 weeks and I can't believe how much I've learned.  So I wasn't always the smartest with Book of Mormon stories so guess what I did? I went to the bookstore and bought a book with pictures in it! Haha Tanner told me that helped him so I had to give it a try. I read through the whole thing and it's helped so much! Yesterday in class I had to tell the story of Zeezrom. I would've been screwed if I hadn't read my little kids book.. :) The people in my district had fun making fun of me for reading it.. haha it's all good though! I had an interview with my teacher the other night and he said how cool it was that I showed the initiative to want to learn more about the Book of Mormon.Do you guys want to hear an embarrassing story? I got a new "assignment", not a calling. Haha Elder Jensen and Hancock got called to be our zone leaders, my companion is the new district leader, and for me... ONLINE COORDINATOR! Hahahahahahahaha pretty sure since I was the only one left they just had to make something up so I didn't feel bad. Apparently, I have to help the new districts log into TALL, which is a program on the computer to help teach us Spanish. I even had to stand up in Sacrament meeting for it.. our new zone leaders stand up, our new district leader stand up, and now our online coordinator! Hahaha the guys in my zone have a lot of fun with it.. I love the district that got here a week before us! I'm way cool with all of them and we always play dunk ball when we get back to the residence. It kind of sucks that they leave for Mexico this Monday. Last week on Tuesday, we went early to go do choir. We got there about 10 minutes early and it was already full! What a joke.. way too many missionaries here. We are probably going to try again today. Guess what? I get to be here in the MTC for Easter and for general conference? Not going to lie that's pretty cool! On Sunday, my district has been asked to pass the sacrament at an MTC wide sacrament meeting. Apparently, it will be the largest sacrament meeting in church history. I don't know if that's true but that's what we've been told. There will be an apostle there, and after either passing or blessing the sacrament, I get front row! I'm pretty excited about that.. we have no idea who the speaker will be. Unfortunately last week, it wasn't Holland. I'll let you guys know who comes to speak to us on Sunday though! The Spanish is still coming along! It'll be a lot of hard work, and the biggest problem I have right now is just remembering all the conjugations. I'm one of the better ones in my district, but my teacher said we are the fastest progressing district he has had. He said you guys are definitely ready for the field. Now I know I'll get there and have no idea what's going on, but oh well! On Sunday we were able to go to a devotional and then it was movie night. We weren't able to make it into the actualy devotional because it was full. We had to go to one of the 5 overflow rooms. It was still good however. Afterwards we went to the gym and watched a movie about Christ coming, his atonement, and the resurrection. I felt the Spirit super strong while watching it. The girls in my district, uggggggggh. I was talking to Elder Hancock the other day and I guess our teacher has had so many complaints in his reviews to the Branch President. Seriously I don't know how to explain her but oh my gosh she makes me want to bang my head into 2 stop signs, kick a cat, and punch my kneecap. Yes you read that right. I really only like 2 of the girls in my district. Hermana Bell and Hermana Mergenthaler. Bell is the cute from Alta in Weston Farnsworth's ward. Mergenthaler is the one from Montana who is 21 years old. They are heading to Argentina but they haven't received their visas. A guy is supposed to come and take their fingerprints, but he hasn't yet. At this point, it will be too late. They won't even be able to leave the state until he comes. I'm so glad I don't have to deal with a visa! Elder Jensen and I were talking to them yesterday at lunch and they feel the same away about all the other girls. It is unbelievable how many questions the other girls can ask one after the other, making it so incredibly hard to learn. Jensen and I always joke about how we would be fluent in Spanish if it wasn't for them. Also we've had to give like 10 blessings already. Not trying to be rude, but they'll sneeze and ask us for a blessing. I know it's a good opportunity for us to exercise our priesthood, but I feel like they ask us just for fun. Also last week, we were with our teacher and we had to go down 2 floors. I can't remember if I already told you guys this story.. anyways our teacher took us to the elevator so we could get there quicker. 3 of the girls got so butthurt because missionaries aren't supposed to use the elevator. My teacher was like wow are you serious? Haha it's so annoying. I know I'll definitely miss some parts of the MTC and should be careful what I wish for, but I have a feeling once I'm adjusted to the culture I'll like Chile a lot more. I want to actually help real people instead of these progressive investigators that my teachers play! The lessons are getting a little easier now.. they were super stressful at first because I had to find out how to say everything. I now know a lot more so I can outline it in English and translate as I go. I still say a lot of words wrong but that's okay! I've only been here 4 weeks :) Last night we were able to do TRC's. That's where members come and volunteer, and it's like a hometeaching visit. We had to teach these 2 girls for 40 minutes in Spanish. We taught her about revelation through the Book of Mormon. One was a native from Peru (actually pretty cute), and the other was in her 4th year of learning Spanish. The one from Peru actually helped us quite a bit so it was pretty cool. Last week at TRC's was awful! We had a middle aged man from Peru that spoke sooooo fast. And he pretty much talked the whole time. He wouldn't even let us teach him! It was good though because we got to see how fast people will talk once we get to Chile! That's one part I'm not excited for haha.  Last Tuesday I was able to go the the temple and do initiatories. It was the first time I was able to go back and do those. We quickly got done with our first set, so we did 2!  It took a while because I had a guy that was training. Let me know how working at the temple goes! That will be pretty cool for you guys. While I've been here, I've memorized the purpose of a missionary and the first vision in Spanish! Our teacher challenged us to do it, and I did it! I had them both memorized within the first week. People in our district are still struggling to memorize them. I don't know how to change this computer to a Spanish keyboard, so the words will be wrong and have no accent marks or whatever. So don't think I'm that retarded! Here is the first vision: Vi una columna de luz, mas brillante que el sol, directamente arriba de mi cabeza. Y esta luz gradualmente descendio hasta descansar sobre mi. Al reposar sobre mi la luz, vi en el aire arriba de mi a dos Personajes, cuyo fulgor y gloria no admiten descripcion. Uno de ellos me hablo, llamandome por mi nombre y dijo, senalando al otro, este es mi hijo amado: Escuchalo! This is so powerful when you recite it during one of your lessons! Anyways hopefully I got that all right or I'm going to look like an idiot :) So on Wednesday I get to host! Elder Hancock's twin is coming in that day, so he's going to try and pick him up. Kayla comes in at 1:30.. hmm I'll try and be out there and see if I can talk to her. Obviously I can't host her but it would be cool to see her. Jeremy, Elder Jensen had an extra bracket for me so I filled it out the other day. I was mad because I heard about Georgetown losing before I had a chane to fill it out. I still put them going to the Sweet 16 though. That's crazy a 15 seed beat them! I also heard the 15 seed advanced to the Sweet 16. Wow that's so sick. You can still send me a bracket and I'll fill it out and send it back so you can see how well I did! I had Gonzaga in the championship and I heard they lost too. March Madness is so crazy! I definitely do miss watching that.. it was one of my favorite parts of the year. The Jazz sound like they're doing horrible. I wonder what players will be leaving after this year. Dad, you said Schulz was playing pretty well. Is he doing better than Wilson? And what have you heard about Brandon Cox? I'm glad Dennis Erickson promised a faster paced offense. I think that will help a lot. Ugh, I'm going to miss football so much. Like seriously. Mom, you can send my package whenever. I can't really think of anything specific I really need. An Easter package would be great. Thanks so much I love you! Maybe another package or 2 of those mints we like. If the shoes are too big of a hassle, don't worry about them. I'm only here for 2 weeks and I'll be sending them back. It's totally up to you! Those pringes were so good.. I don't think they have the sour cream & onion ones in the bookstore though :( I  ordered 2 Chile shirts from the bookstore. I will be sending one back that you guys can see and just hold onto for when I get back. I've heard from some people that Grandma is doing better, and from some others that she hasn't been. Hopefully she will be okay and recover from that fall! Let me know what she is going to be doing after the care center depending on the Medicare or whatever. Heather, I loved the pictures of the baby! The 3D one was awesome. Those are my kind of ultrasounds. Good luck with sleeping! I know I wouldn't be able to get any sleep if my belly was gigantic ;) I laughed when I read the story about Carter and the cave! I can totally see him pretending to go on a bear hunt and going into the cave. Tip toe, tip toe, tip toe! Hahaha so funny. I'm glad he likes his book and remembers me :) 2 nights ago I had a dream that we all went to Trevor & Heather's house for some reason. I saw Teagan, picked him up, and he said quietly "I miss you." It made me so sad! Then he proceeded to get mad at me for leaving him, but oh well! I woke up right after that and I was so sad. Funny how dreams can do that to you. Anyways I should probably go so I can send you guys some pictures! I took quite a few yesterday so hopefully they will send. Did they work last time? Nobody let me know so I will try the same thing I did last week. Thank you guys for all the letters and everything that you guys do for me! I seriously have the best family and I love you guys so much! And now I leave you with Tweety Bird's Seeds of Wisdom: Does anybody else get frustrated while eating Pringles? The whole time I'm eating them, I'm just so concerned about my hand fitting inside the can to grab some more Pringles. Has anyone ever thought about making a can like a deodorant stick? The bottom should have a twisting mechanism to push the chips to the top of the can. If anyone would like to write a letter to Pringles Incorporated and share with them this wonderful and thoughtful idea, it would be much appreciated. If they like the idea so much as to incorporate it into their cans, please share your millions of dollars you receive from the company with me because this was my wondeful insight to the world. Hasta luego familia! 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

MTC district

Trenton with the other Elders in his district
L to R: Trenton, Elder Jensen, Elder Pachner (his comp), Elder Hancock

Pictures with good friends from back home...

Trenton and Gleason...basketball buddies.  Gleason was called to the New York, New York mission.

Trenton, Bryson, and Gleason
Saying goodbye to Bryson before he headed off to Michigan
Trenton, Emily Lloyd, and Bryson

Hello everyone!

March 19, 2013
Hello everyone! How is everybody doing? I hope all is well at home! It sounds like it is all except for Grandma! That's so sad, I hope she can somewhat recover. Grandpa is probably a little bit sad but it's good that he knows he can't do it all by himself. It was wearing him down too much too fast. I'm emailing on a computer in the laundry room that doesn't have a timer so I can write a little bit more of what I want. Mom, There's only one room with a printer and I'm not in it. They seriously need to think things out a little bit more since they have 2.4 million missionaries here. I'm sad I missed out on the scavenger hunt! Sounds like fun and that all the boys enjoyed it. I could see the pictures you sent, but I wasn't able to open them and make them bigger. Seriously I miss my computer so much. I could do so much with that thing and these computers are awful! You can't mess with any settings whatsoever and every little thing has passwords on it. So annoying. Thanks so much for the package tho! I realized I got my letter to you a little late. Don't worry about the instructions for the rubiks cube.. I'm smart and figured it out myself :) Elder Jensen wants me to teach him how to do it! We got a basketball hoop for a group that left today and the tennis balls are coming in handy for that. And the cookies and cream bar and pringles.... my favorites! The shirt is perfect too! Thank you so much Mom I love you! I would like my basketball shoes, but if it's too much to send don't worry about it. They're those white nike ones with the maroon and black shoelace in the separate ones. If you do send them, be careful because I have two pairs of those ones! I would like the newer ones with the different colored shoelaces. I was just going to send them back with some other stuff before I take off to Chile, which can't come soon enough! If it's too much of a hassle, don't worry about it. Like really I'd be fine without them I think.. maybe. Yes I am sick of the MTC, waiting in lines, and sitting in class. I only have 2.5 weeks left tho! I think that's what I'm at, time here is so weird. Seriously all the days just blend together. Trevor and Heather, you should definitely send a picture of the ultrasound if you can! I'm not very good at looking at those things, but we'll see what happens! I laughed at the picture of him and his Star Wars mask, that's so funny. I love that kid! I wanna go on a bear hunt with him! Boooooooo :( Brian, I have seen two of the Lund family members! One was Hailey.. or Haley, I don't know.. but I believe she is Rob's daughter? I briefly talked to her for a little bit and have seen her a couple more times. I have also seen another one.. he's a teacher here? Was his name Cray or something? Haha I can't remember. I feel like he is Rob's kid as well. But we recognized each other and I talked to him for a little bit! The language is still coming along. Right now we are learning Direct & Indirect Object Pronouns. All my English friends have left me here in the MTC! Ugggh I was so jealous of Bryson leaving. I got some pictures of him but I forgot my camera so I can't send any pictures this week :( It's not like the quality would be very good anyways. Stupid computers. I really am so mad about it you have no idea. We woke up at 4:50 in the morning to try and get to the laundry first to get it done and take a nap later. So if this letter doesn't make much sense it's because I'm really tired! Of course there were still people here already hahaha. My luck. Oh speaking of my luck, my district kind of has a joke of how I get "boned" with everything. Like I've just had some bad luck. I've had people walk in on my shower twice and just some other things. Hahaha I've always had bad luck no matter what Trevor may say! On Sunday I wasn't able to go to the devotional. My companion has been sick for the past couple of days and he wanted to go sleep that night. I didn't complain because I was able to take a nap and a 30 minute scalding hot shower :) I'm sitting by Emily Lloyd right now and she told me that Jeffrey R. Holland is supposed to speak tonight. I guess his granddaughter or daughter is here or something and he always speaks when that happens. And today is the last Tuesday she'll be here before she takes off. We're not positive but that would be really cool! I'll let you guys know! You should definitely let me know about the mission calls, I'm really curious where everyone will be heading. When you forward my friends emails, would it be possible to put them in a dear elder so I have time to read them? That would be awesome. On Sunday, I had to say the opening prayer in Sacrament Meeting in Spanish! Booooooooo..... I feel like an idiot speaking in Spanish haha I wish I was already fluent! The girls in my district are super lame. My teacher told us that we were going to play a game during our class. If we spoke any English, people would snap and we would have to give up one of our cards. Whoever had the most cards at the end would win. A couple of the girls said, "No, the missionary handbook says we can't play any games." I was like woooooooow seriously? Like for reals what is wrong with you? Hahaha that's what I live with everyday. I still get homesick quite often but it's getting better. The other day I was playing basketball against the most unathletic kids you can imagine. They couldn't dribble, catch, or anything. They didn't know the rules of basketball. That was one moment where I got super homesick. Hahaha kind of weird but whatever. When does Kayla leave again? I'll have to keep an eye out for her. Last Sunday I was in the choir. We sang Redeemer of Israel which was pretty cool. We're going to do the choir again today so we for sure can get in the devotional hopefully. The food here really is so awful. I don't know how I'm still alive. I dread eating it hahaha. I just want to get to the airport and eat some Popeyes! I have another request! I know I know, I shouldn't care about March Madness right now. But me and Elder Jensen want to have a competition to see who can fill out the better bracket! Would it be possible to send 2 brackets here? If not, it's cool I guess :) I can't think of a whole lot to say. I started out writing every day in my journal which was really good. I'm going to try to once I get out in the mission, but here all the days blend together and not a whole lot different happens day to day. Same thing, everyday. I just want to listen to music! Ahhhhhh it's driving me nuts. We aren't allowed to play our church music here, only when we get to Chile. Oh well, I keep telling myself only 2.5 weeks left! Dad, thanks for all the sports updates! I also get quite a few from Jay Gleason, so tell him thanks for me and I love getting his letters! Can someone update me on the email rules? I've heard from so many people that the rules have changed and we can now email our friends. I've been emailing and writing Tanner quite often actually. 
I really like my teachers a lot! Especially Hermano Mendoza. He is a native Spanish speaker and served in San Diego. He learned English when he was a kid also so it's pretty cool. That sucks the Jazz aren't doing too well! They will always be a 6,7,8 or no playoff team. Anyways, I was really curious the other day about how Cole was doing with Spanish. I see there' s a letter from his blog you emailed me, so I'll quickly try and read that. Again, if there was any way to put them in Dear Elders that would be cool. I feel like I'm missing a lot of what I wanted to tell you.. usually I remember it so I write a letter and quickly send it off. Just know how much I miss and love all you guys! I seriously have the best family. Tell Bella I love her and also my awesome nephews! I always laugh when I read the stories from them. I can just picture the story in my head and it makes me laugh. For some reason in the pictures you sent me, Dallin looked HUGE! I doubt 3 weeks would be a huge difference, but he really did look so much bigger. It's crazy. Mom, for my next package, I can't think of anything too specific. Maybe a Dr. Pepper & Mountain Dew, I don't know. There's an elder here from close to Vegas and I buy some from him for $1 when I'm craving it. He's the one that has the Shakeweight and told me to get one too. He's a really funny kid and he thinks he's really good as basketball, which is not true hahaha. I'm known for my long arms here.. everybody hates when they're not on my team because I block so many shots. There's a few good players here that have the same gym time as me, but I think they leave this morning. I can't find if I already said this, but I would probably do anything to go to an English speaking mission right now. Things would be so much easier. But I know God trusts me with my calling to Chile and I know with His help I can learn Spanish! Haha I just remembered a dream I had the other day. I basically have dreams every night that I'm hanging out with everyone at home, and then I wake up and I'm like nooooooooooooo. Hahaha but I had a dream I was walking in the MTC and I saw Tanner! I seriously got so excited and started freaking out. I miss that kid so much haha I love him! DJ Teaskie... good times good times. Alright well I should probably get off and go take my much needed nap. I'll probably remember something I forgot to tell you guys and write it in a letter. I leave you with the LEGEN *wait for it* DARY...... LEGENDARY "Tweety Bird's Seeds of Wisdom". That was for you Robyn and Jeremy! Never underestimate the smartness of people. When you set your alarm for 4:50 am to try and beat the 5 am people to the laundry room, always remember there are always those disliked people that set their alarm for 4:49 am. I love you all and thanks for everything!!!          
                                                                                           Trempin OUT!!!!!!
p.s. Sorry that this letter is all over the place.. I try and write an outline the night before but I always remember more when I'm typing! And there's probably a million typos too.. sorry!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hola Familia!

Hola familia! First off I want to give a shout to my boy Dustin Barlow for getting his mission call to the Guatemala, Guatemala City South mission! He leaves July 24th to the Guatemala MTC.. so sick! What mission was Brian in? I can't remember. The Spanish is coming along okay! It is very frustrating to learn, but I know if I work hard and do my part, the Lord will help me. My companion is still hard to get along with. He was homeschooled and isn't the greatest communicator. Oh well, only 4 more weeks. I really am ready to get out of here already! Sitting in class all day gets super old. Our progressive investigator is a good experience, but it's super challenging. Preparing for the lesson with my companion is hard enough, but going in there and asking him questions and teaching him a lesson all in Spanish is tough. I feel like the biggest idiot because I know I'm saying a lot of words wrong. Let's see.. our devotionals I don't remember who spoke! We had a Seventy speak last Tuesday, and just the president of the MTC this past Sunday. I'm not sure who is speaking tonight, they don't tell us until we get there. Mom, thanks so much for the package! I love those cookies, they're the best! Just send me that photo album whenever it's ready, that will be awesome! That's sad to hear about Dan's mom, I hope she can pull through! Dad, step out of your comfort zone just like me and just be an ordinance worker! Everything will work out, I promise. I was able to go to the temple last P-Day. It was pretty good!  You know how I get anxious about the dressing part? Well this time was even worse! Everything had to be tied on the spot. I was so nervous haha. I said a prayer at the beginning asking that everything would go well and it did! Umm favorite meal.. there are actually no Lucky Charms here, just Marshmallow Matey's! It doesn't really seem like anybody eats that actually, mostly the Fruit Loops. The food here really is so awful. I have to force myself to eat it because I'm so hungry. Brian, thanks so much for that poem! It really was the best. Can someone please laminate it and send it to me all typed up? That would be great. I'm so glad the kids are praying for me, I really need it! :) I'm glad the kids all liked my letters. I wanted to give them each an individual letter with their own envelope! I love my nephews so much! Other missionaries talk about how they have a cute nephew and I just feel bad for them because they don't have Hayden, Teagan, Carter, or Dallin as nephews! Heather, for sure let me know how the ultra sound goes! I'm so excited. So I made a new rule. No more kids until my work here is done okay? That obviously goes for the married kids! :) Hopefully Carter can do without his binky! Let me know how that goes as well. As for Trevor, only 5 more months of school, you can do it! I laughed so hard when I read about Teagan getting all the cups out and water all over the counter mom. I can totally see him doing that. So the other day my companion and I got a chance to teach a lesson in English! Oh my gosh it was sooooo easy compared to Spanish! Apparently I asked some really good questions and people felt the Spirit really strong when I testified. My teacher then asked us the next day to teach him as an example to the rest of our district. I wanted to go into more detail about my district, but they seriously give you no time. Only 30 minutes and I had to read everyone's email before I wrote this! Oh well, maybe I will in a letter soon. It's just so much easier to type. Mom, some things I may need in my next package: Fitted bed sheet! I don't know why they told us to bring flat ones, but the fitted ones would probably work better. I don't need a pillow anymore, I just stole one from another elder that took off to Chile a couple days ago! Also that laminated poem that Brian has.. it's awesome and I love it! Umm I would like maybe a tennis ball and a rubik's cube? I get really bored in our rooms at night and feel like I need something to do. If you don't want to send the rubik's cube that's totally fine! I know the one we have is really awful, so maybe a new one? And instructions on how to do the top layer? :) I would maybe need a few more underarmour shirts. My basketball one is a long sleeved one, and I don't want that. I don't know about that black utah one because I already have one. I don't know if I have anymore, but if you can find some cheap ones at the store somewhere that would work. I also need my gray nike web belt. I don't like wearing my church belt with my jeans. Also if you can find a really cheap Shakeweight at Ross or T.J. Max I would like that too! An elder has one here and he loves it. I am definitely sleeping better but some Advil PM couldn't hurt.   Anyways I have 5 minutes left and I stil want to try and send some pictures so I gotta hurry! I love you guys all so much and thank you for everything! I'll probably continue to write letters if I can find the time! Love you all! I leave you with the legendary Tweety Bird's seeds of wisdom: Don't mistake a raisin cookie for a chocolate chip cookie. That is the main reason I have trust issues.
                                                                                                                                                                                     -Elder Neilson
p.s. If the pictures work, I am standing next to Elder Jensen, then it's Elder Pachner I believe (my companion), and then Elder Hancock, our district leader! 
p.s.s The pictures didn't work

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Starting to adjust!

Hello everyone! How are you all doing? Things are starting to pick up here a little bit. The first few days were super hard but I can tell that things are picking up and I'm starting to adjust. Thank you all so much for all your letters! There's nothing better than going to our box after dinner and getting letters from everyone. It's definitely my favorite part of the day. Today is P-Day and it's been so nice. Except the laundry part. Hahaha I suck at it. I came here and the machines to buy the detergent and stuff were out of order. Of course.. so I just ran to the bookstore real quick! Robyn, it's hard without my phone and Ipod! I wish so badly that I could pull out my phone and send a quick text to you guys :) That's so funny how Hayden talked Teagan into going to church, and how Teagan was trying to get Carter to sneak up a diaper. Hahaha I laughed when I read thta. They're so awesome. Tell all the kids that I love them so much! If you guys could send me like a photo album of everyone in our family that would be awesome. Just one that I can flip through and see everyone's pictures. Maybe include some individual pictures of everyone and our whole family. And really good pictures of Bella too! I miss her so much. Trevor, Lone Peak beating Alta was no surprise. I knew they would kill anyone they played. Who else was in the semi-finals? And how far did Brighton get and who ended up beating them? My companion's name is Elder Pachner. He is.. different. We try to prepare lessons in Spanish to teach our role playing investigator (really stressful) and we can never decide on what to do. Every idea I put out there gets shut down. He is totally opposite of me. During gym time where me and the other elders go play basketball, he goes to the fitness center to stretch his arms. Hahaha. And the other day we were sitting at a devitional and I leaned forward to change positions, and he started tickling my back! I was like, "Umm what are you doing?" He said, "Doesn't this feel good?" I said, "umm nope maybe from a girl, but not from you." I get along really well with the other elders in my district. It sucks because there are only 4 of us, and 6 sisters. Elder Hancock and Elder Jensen are the other elders. I get along really well with Elder Jensen. He played basketball for Bountiful his sophomore and junior year. He's a really cool kid and I tend to talk to him the most. Mom, maybe you could send me some Advil PM, it wouldn't hurt. I have started to sleep better. I asked about a second pillow but I can't really get one. Elder Jensen doesn't use his blanket at night so I stuff that under my pillow.  I would love it if you would forward Tanner's Bryson's Cole's, and Gleason's emails from now on. Gleason actually left today at 4 in the morning. I saw him last night and took some more pictures, with him and Bryson. Brian, that's funny that Teagan knew what faith was! What a smart and funny kid. The Spanish is coming along okay. It's really stressful and the days are so long. I've learned a lot though. Please send me my camera USB cord. I went and ran to the bookstore and also bought an SD Card reader, so I'll use that for now. Before you send that debit card, if you already haven't, can you please activate it? That would be great. I might want two more shirts for when I play basketball. My red Nike one might shrink because I couldn't find a way to wash with cold water here. These basketball shoes aren't my favorite either, but I know sending the other ones wouldn't be very convenient. Mom, just pay $25 for tithing. That should do it. Can you also send my grey Nike belt? I'm working my church belt for my jeans right now and I'd rather not use it except with my suits. Did we pack me any stamps? I know we talked about it about I couldn't find any so I also bought some at the Bookstore. There was a really funny story yesterday. It kind of broke the ice for my whole district. We were going down to teach our investigator, and we started out with Love One Another for our hymn. Singing it in Spanish was a complete failure. I just started laughing so hard. Then when we went to go read a scripture. We realize we didn't have our Book of Mormon, Again, I started laughing as we ran up to grab it. Finally, we get back down there, and we open it up to read it to him. Then we realized we only grabbed the Bible. Hahahaha oh my gosh I lost it there. We ran up, grabbed the BOM, and finished our lesson well :) When we were done I was telling my whole district what happened, and I started laughing so hard that I started laughing like a girl. They all thought that was the funniest thing in the world and everyone was crying becaue they were laughing so hard. They all wrote about it in their journals and their letters home. Hahaha I loved it. Anyways, brothers that have served a mission.. does it get a lot better once you're out in the field? I'm looking forward to Chile and having a little bit more freedom. The devotionals here are great however, and they are something to look forward to. Anyways I gotta go finish my laundry but I love you all! I will try and get individual letters off to everyone if possible! I love you guys and Trempin out!!!!!!

Monday, March 4, 2013

"I can barely remember what I did in the morning by the time the day is over.."

  Dear Family,
        I just wanted to start off by telling you guys how much I love you!  I still miss you guys so much.  This is so hard as Brian, Trevor, Jeremy, and Jon already know.  I know the first week is hard, so I'm trying to get through it.  Thank you all so much for the letters.  Everyone is jealous because I always get the most letters!  You guys are awesome.  I don't have a whole lot of time so I'm trying to hurry.  Jon, If someone will do choir with me in my district, I will definitely do it!  I have always known that I feel the Spirit the strongest through music.  I know that will help me have a better MTC experience.  Thanks so much for your letter.  It really helped me, as well as Jeremy's.  Everyone's helped me...wow, I really do love you guys more than anything!  Thanks Hayden & Teagan for writing me!  You guys are such ballers!  Mom, I love getting your letters.  It gives me something to look forward to.  Please keep them coming. :)  Papa Gleason has even written me twice!  That man is so dope!  I'm still homesick, and it's hard to stop thinking about you guys and home.  
So my companion, wow!  We try to plan lessons in Spanish for our role playing investigator and he just shoots down every idea I have.  Every single one.  Finally I got fed up and just stopped mentioning things.  When we were done, he asked me, "why are you serving a mission?  I mean in there you weren't even doing anything. "  This made me so mad!  I didn't know how to handle the situation, so I just told him I need to take breaks from studying so much.   When we got back to our room, I asked Elder Jensen if he would come with me to get a picture with Gleason.  (The night before I went with my companion and Gleason wasn't in his room.  I believe he was in the bathroom, but my companion wouldn't wait.)  Elder Jensen is by far my favorite, and I talked to him about it.  He said he had heard my companion and me talking and he totally agreed with me.  I don't know what to do.  I came into here just hoping that I would have a companion that I liked. 
 By the way, my district has 6 girls, and 4 guys.  There is only one cute girl, Hermana Bell.  She went to Alta and thinks she recognized me from the basketball games.  We had so much class today, it was ridiculous.  3 hours of class, dinner break, then 3 more hours.  The days are so long here I can barely remember what I did in the morning by the time the day is over.  I'm one of the best at Spanish in my district.  My teacher was actually pretty surprised.  I miss Bella :(  I find hair on my suits and it makes me sad.  Oh, this morning when I woke up, I had the sickest feeling in my stomach.  Just homesickness.  I'm just trying to get over it.  Please pray and continue to write me.  I was excited that I got a letter from Tanner this morning in hopes for some advice!  But he just sent me a card of him and his district's picture.  Oh well, I will be sure to write him.  Oh and also thank Macee for writing me!  I want to write people personal letters really bad.  It's hard too because there's not much time, but I for sure will.  I can't think of a whole lot more to say but I don't really have time to write anymore. 
I'll make sure I write again and give you some more details.  Mom, I will try to remember how much tithing I owe.  Please send that debit card, that would be awesome!  I also might need you to send some more shirts, and if possible one of my pairs of shoes.  Don't send anything besides the card yet until I let you know what I need.  Well, if you send some cand and/or Dr. Pepper/Mountain Dew, I don't think I would complain. :)
I love you guys and I'll be sure to keep writing often!  Thanks for everything!
Trempin out!
P.S.  Mom, let me know about what the interview with the Draper temple presidency is all about!  And thanks for the quote from Henry B. Eyring
P.S.S. Did you guys get my first handwritten letter?  Please let me know!

Hardest thing I've ever done...

  Dear Family,
          I love you guys so much!  They wanted us to write a quick letter home letting you guys know that everything is okay.  I'm not going to lie, this is extremely difficult.  Saying goodbye to everyone was the hardest hing I've ever done.  I got a chance to read everyone's letters they wrote me yesterday.  Thank you guys so much.  It really did help me.  I think coming home crosses every missionary's mind when they first get here.  It's extremely  hard not to think about because I already miss everyone so much.  I am trying to stay strong.  It is hard not to think about the kids and how I will be missing out on a small part of them growing up.  I love them more than anything and they mean everything to me.  I know I need to set a good example for them!  I don't want this whole letter to be depressing, so I will tell you a little about my day yesterday!  I got to talk to Gleason, Bryson, Keisini, and that kid from tech center a little bit.  It wasn't for very long, but it was still good!  Dinner was alright, but not my favorite.  
        My companion is okay, he's just a little weird.  He always just stares at me which is really awkward hahaha.  My room has 4 people total in it.  We are all going to Concepcion, Chile.  I get along pretty well with one of them.  He likes Utah basketball and football.  By the way, I slept awful! Haha.  The bed is tiny and my legs don't fit very well.  It was also freezing in my room and I had the thinnest, smallest blanket that you can imagine.  Also, I only had one pillow which was soooo flat!  I just laid in bed thinking about everything and I couldn't fall asleep.  Oh well!  I believe my P-day will be on Tuesday, so I will be able to email you guys then.  I will also go into more detail about my companion and maybe send some pictures.  It's hard because like Tanner said, everyone here is so much more spiritual than me.  I know I just need to work hard though.  Sorry if this letter is all over the place...I'm writing it at 7 am and I'm so tired.  We haven't started any Spanish lessons or anything, which I'm kind of looking forward to.  Everyone tries to speak Spanish to me here.  I can understand a little bit, but it just makes me feel like an idiot.  Anyways, I know that I am struggling and I hope I can stay strong.  Thanks for all the help everyone gave me in getting out here.  I might write one more letter home, or two, before I email on Tuesday.  It helps me to vent a little bit!  I love you guys so much!

    So I didn't get a chance to mail this yet and I wanted to write a few more things!  I have also seen a couple more people I know, Kevin Maxwell and Emily Lloyd.  By the way, I hate the food here.  It is horrible.  I like the apple juice and the chocolate milk though!  I decided I don't hold up my foam finger for my companion (means I don't like him a whole lot).  We have to teach a 15 minute lesson to a teacher (role playing as investigator) all in Spanish.  We are having a hard time agreeing on how to teach him.  I'm also really tired of just sitting in class.  We have gym soon and I'm so excited to show everyone what's up!  By the way, I thought we were going to start at the beginning of Spanish, hence I'm in the beginner's class.  But apparently not.  They just dove right in and I feel like we're moving so fast.  Sorry I'm all over the place, I just have so many thoughts and things I remember.  It's so hard being away from the kids.  They don't really understand what I'm doing, and I feel like I'm abandoning them because of that.  I really hope things get easier.  I can't stop thinking about home and it's so hard.  Please let me know anything that happens at home!  Please pray that this will get easier for me and I love you guys so much!
Trempin in out!!!