Sunday, September 14, 2014

2-0 UTAH‏

Once again, Here I am at Ciber writing you guys another good old letter letting you know how I am. The individual days are long, but the weeks seem to go by really fast. Thanks Dad for the update on the Utah game.. if someone could also send me the final scores of the games, that would be cool too.  Seems like they´ll have a good test in 2 weeks at the Big House. I remember last time we played there.. 2008. Brian Johnson did work that game.. so sick. I LOVE MY UTES! This week has been a little slow. My companion has been kinda sick.. and I have too. My cold is kind of lingering, but I´m still good to go. Yesterday my companion had to stay in the house, and so I left with Elder A, because his companion stayed in the house as well. The 2 of them are from Argentina.  Neither of them will clean the house, so me and Elder A always do it. Mom, I think you´ll be excited to hear I´ve kind of turned into a clean freak.. haha. I´m used to living in a crappy house, but living in a crappy house when it´s dirty sucks. Anyways we´re still working with our investigators.. nobody was able to come to church. J sometimes travels out of town, and the rest just couldn´t. It´s been really tough to find new investigators. We talk to at least 200 NEW people every week just in the street, and of the 200 we maybe get about 15 addresses, 5 being fake, and maybe 0-3 that let us in their house the next time we pass, depending on the week. The people in the streets give us 1 of 4 excuses:

1. I´m in a hurry
2. I work all day every day (¨It´s a miracle that you found me today¨)
3. I´m never in my house (Then why do you even have a house?)
4. I´m not from around here

 Then, we also knock on doors, but the majority of the time they give us 1 of 4 excuses:
1. I´m busy
2. I don´t live here
3.I´m taking care of the baby
4. We´re eating

One person I talked to the other day told me he was busy because he was WAITING for the bus. I was like ummmm what? Haha I thought you guys might enjoy seeing some of the excuses I hear all day, every day. But you just gotta keep working, because there´s always that one person that God is preparing that will be willing to do everything they need to. Anyways, last week we taught zone class after having our mission council for leaders. It went well and I think the missionaries all enjoyed the class. Also, the family that we always had nerf gun wars with came to visit me here. The dad´s parents are in my ward so they came to visit me in their house. (His dad is a former bishop and now less active). They decided to come see how I was doing so that was cool to see all their kids again. I also just heard from a missionary in Santa Sabina.. that N is doing really well. She goes to church every Sunday, and now her daughter and her husband are receiving the lessons. The husband has also been going to church. That was awesome news and I´m really happy for them. I think the daughter actually added me on Facebook. Anyways, we have interviews with the president tomorrow in his house so that should be good. We´ve also got the 18 of September coming up, which should also be fun. I don´t know if you remember, but that´s the 4th of July here. You guys should have Jeremy make you guys some completos... they´re really good :) I know Cole hated them, but I love them.  I can´t think of much else that has happened this week. In about a month or so, we have General Conference, so I¨m getting excited for that. Haha that´s weird to say.. but like Brian says.. it´s like Christmas in the mission field. Quick question.. how are Jeremy and Staci doing? Haven´t heard too much lately but how are they enjoying married life? Mom, Melissa is back now, but I haven´t heard anything about my package. I just asked the missionaries in Santa Sabina to find out for me, so hopefully I can get it pretty soon. I´m in need of those new shoes.. haha :) Thanks for sending the article on the fleas... basically what they tell us to do here is spray our beds with Raid.. so that´s what I´ve been doing. It seems to have been helping a little bit. Oh, on Saturday, the assistants invited us to their apartment to have a barbecue. So my comp and I went over there and had a barbecue which was pretty good. They want us to start coming to the gym early in the mornings to lift, so we´re thinking about that. We were actually going to go today, but my comp is sick, so we´re going to wait. We need to find out prices and everything. There´s this guy in our ward that´s 25 and he´s been wanting to go on a mission, but he´s too overweight. We´ve put goals with him.. and he asked if we would be willing to go jogging with him. So, we and the other missionaries are planning on taking turns to go jogging with him to help him lose some weight. He´s a really cool guy and he doesn´t have too much time left, because of the age cut off. Anyways that´s about it for this week. I love you all and I hope you all enjoy your week!
 Interviews with President Arrington
Companion- Elder D 
Concepcion Zone Conference

Monday, September 1, 2014

GO UTES! 1-0‏

Why hello everyone... how´s it going? From the pictures and letters, sounds like everyone is doing well. It´s football season again. I love football season! Good luck to my Utes this year. Remember.. I like DETAILS :) Also, that´s cool we got a new car! Just to let you know Dad.. the corolla is older than the explorer.. so you might wanna think about updating that corolla too ;) What do you think about that Father Jeffrey? I think it sounds like a sick idea... no? Whenever you can.. just hit me up with a few pictures of the new car we buy to replace the corolla. Yes Mom, I´m still a zone leader, and my companion is too. We´re doing well.... we get along. I got along so well with Elder S so I miss him a little bit but that´s the mission.  By the way, I don´t know when his homecoming is.. but probably this coming Sunday I imagine. Anyways, we had mission counsel today for all the zone leaders. There were a few announcements. The president announced that he has been putting a big emphasis on the best missionaries as the zone leaders, but that he was counseled by a general authority to maybe take some zone leaders and make them as trainers instead. He said this next change and in the ones to come, some zone leaders will be dropped so they can train and help new missionaries. He said both things are so important.. having good missionaries as zone leaders and also as trainers. We were all kind of surprised but we´ll see what happens in the future. Anyways counsel means we get P-Day all today today.. which should be nice.  I can´t believe you got a smart phone Mom!!!! Congratulations.. an iphone. How did you feel? Have you learned how to use it quite yet? I didn´t know Jeremy and Jon had Galaxy´s... I´m lost on the technology now. What phones are better? I have no seen my package yet.. Elder B said she was planning on coming back the first week of this month.. so we´ll see what happens. I´ll think about my birthday package this week and let you know next week. 
    Anyways, we are working with a number of investigators but our best one as of right now is J. He traveled out of town.. but wanted to go to church where he was going to. We´re not sure if he went because we weren´t able to get a hold of him. Anyways he is reading all the chapters we leave him, and is progressing pretty well. We have been passing by with a lot of members so he can have some friends in the church. As for our other investigators.. we have found a couple, but none really progressing that well. We found an older couple that have a bunch of family members that are members of the church.. and actually live in the states.  I actually contacted them multiple times in Santa Sabina. They were old investigators, and they told us to come by another day but they weren´t home. Then... we contacted them in the street and they were really nice. We found them by accident the other day and he let us in. They are really nice people and we have a service planned to paint their walls tomorrow. We´ll see how that goes. Just mostly be praying for J because he´s really good. We´re working hard to continue to find new investigators.. it´s been raining a little bit which complicates a few things, but thank goodness the winter is almost over. And hopefully those shoes get here soon.. because my eccos I got know are on the last leg hahaha.  Been having a problem with fleas lately... but Elder S left me some Off spray that I´ve been using. I also use some stuff I brought from home.. but just like a tiny tube that repels them. This week I´ve been sick.. just had a little cold. But I¨m all good.. getting better. Anyways I can´t think of anything else.. so I´ll finish this letter so you guys can stop reading and do what you guys need to do. I love you all and I´ll talk to you all next week!!!!!!!


Monday, August 25, 2014
Hello friends and family! Congratulations to DJ Teaskie for his mish.. I loved the video. It was cool to see all you guys too! Made me kinda homesick when I saw him hug my Mother Teresa.. haha :) That´s sick tho.. he looks happy. He´s my best friend did anyone know that? Love you Teaskie! I just got done saying goodbye to Elder S.. which was honestly hard. He´s such a cool kid and we got along so well. We worked our butts off, but at the same time I felt like I was just hanging out with a bro from home. He will definitely be missed, but that´s the mission. My new companion will be Elder D, from Argentina. I know him.. not too well... but seems like a pretty cool kid. The other 2 elders in my house are staying which is good. I get along well with the Canadien and I didn´t want him to leave yet. The mission kinda blows sometimes just because you make good friends then you gotta say goodbye to them. It´s whatever. Also, P. M. left too... his brothers came to pick him up so he´ll be chilling with them for a week here. By the way.. my wrist is a little better.. the nurse just has me on a ton of ibuprofen. That´s always what she says.. whatever you have.. just take ibuprofen and call me in 3 weeks if you´re not better. Hahaha. We had stake conference this weekend. Me and Elder S had to do a presentation.. I made a powerpoint and we did practices with all the members that we´re there so they can invite their friends to church and listen to us. It went well... and I think the members really enjoyed it. As with our investigators, we have one that is progressing pretty well. His name is J. He´s married and has a 7 year old kid. His wife works every Sunday, but they´re really receptive. He came to Stake Conferene with his son and I think they liked it. The 7 year old sat by me and was trying to play with me the whole time.. haha he´s so funny. He was bored... every 5 minutes he asked me how much time was left the 2nd hour. At the end... he gets up and shouts.. FINALLY!!! Hahaha but the dad heard someone mention scouts and he was really interested for his kid. HE turns 8 October 1st, so he could start scouts pretty soon if that´s what they want. We will continue to work with them... he even gave Elder S a gift apparently before he left.. or he´s still planning on meeting up I´m not sure. Shumnizzle leaves tomorrow because he´s gotta go to some adjusting to home class or something. Anyways pray for him.. he´s really intelligent. he´s a tutor and with math problems.. he solves really complicated ones in his sleep and stuff. It´s weird. He had a dream the other day all his teeth fell out.. which his grandpa always told him meant he was losing blessings. He then related that to the Gospel.. and is wondering if everything we teach is true. That´s why he came to church.. and he told me he is going to continue coming. As for that family.. they aren´t fulfilling with their commitments (is that how you say it?) and they weren´t able to come to church. We will pass by a few more times, but we don´t know if they´re going to progress. That´s about it for the updates... thanks Brian for sending me that video.. you´re awesome.  As for not winning anything at bingo.. that blows! That´s weird.. was Trevor there? He IS the luckiest man alive.. something seriously must be wrong.. :) Well, that´s about all I can think of..I´ll talk to you guys all later and I love you!
Departure dinner for Elder S.