Monday, February 9, 2015

Last and Final Letter... I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! Chau Chau Chile... I´ll miss you‏

I´m here now feeling excited, sad, nervous, and all around mixed emotions. I just had my final interview with the President, and it was awesome. I love that man and he´s helped me out a ton on my mission. I just wanted to get something quick sent off since last week I basically shared everything I wanted to. I´ve just been hanging out with Elder H all day because we´re companions for the day. I brought my bags in today to weigh them and I was a little over, so I´ll be leaving a lot of garments because they´re all really old haha. Anyways it looks like I got them down to the right weight. I´m so excited to see everyone. I´m also a little nervous just to see how huge the boys have gotten but they´re still ballers no matter what :) While we were at the mission house doing interviews, the maid asked me what the first thing I wanted to eat was when I got home. I told her.. yep you guessed it.. Panda Express! Haha Hermana Arrington just laughed and asked what I liked there. So that was cool you guys had already planned to go to Panda Express when I get home. That should be fun! Mom, don´t even worry about the house. It´ll just be awesome being there inside in a nice house. I´m glad my room is all ready.. I´ve missed having my own room :) Last night I slept with the assistants, along with Elder H here in Concepción. From their apartment, I could see Santa Sabina and also Laguna Redonda. It was weird and brought back some memories. In about an hour, we have a class to help us look for jobs and stuff when we get home. At 6, we have the dinner with the president, and then I believe a testimony meeting. Then early in the morning tomorrow, my flight leaves.
   As for yesterday, yes Marcela got baptized and confirmed! Everything went well and the baptism was awesome. It was cool that I was able to have a baptism on my last day. I took a lot of pictures with members and stuff I¨ve gotten to know. I also had to speak, and I felt like it went really well. It was soooo hot in the church though I was like sweating. I was focusing on the young men, and I gave them 5 good points of why they should serve a mission. It was awesome. I had to say goodbye to Elder M, H, and G yesterday. Elder M and H are really good friends of mine now. The 4 of us really got along well and I know it was kinda hard on the 4 of us to split up.. Anyways that´s about all. I can´t wait to give Mother Teresa and Father Jeffrey a giant hug.. and also everyone else. I love you all. Don´t expect too much from Brielle seeing as it seems she´s pretty picky. Hayds, Teags, and Carter Boy are gonna be giant I already know. I love you all and I´ll see you guys on..... WEDNESDAY!!!!! 

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