Monday, February 2, 2015

The mission... too dope!‏

January 26,2015
Hey hey hey how how how is is is it it it going going going? Thanks Mom for your letter.. first of all I´m glad to hear that Aftyn is doing well. I was wondering about that all week. One day out of nowhere I was just walking and I just got this distinct feeling that I needed to hurry and pray for her. It was so weird but it was SO obvious that I had to do it... so I did. I´m glad to hear she´s at home. What a baller. This week was pretty awesome. We worked our butts off this week.. and we found 2 new solid investigators. I had a mini.cambio with Elder M.. my son.. and we found an investigator named R. She is like 80, and she was so excited to see us so she hurried and let us in. She talked a ton, but the next day we went back again and committed her to church with a baptism date for February 8th. The bishop now wants baptisms on Sunday so that´s why. Anyways she came to church and LOVED it! She saw her neighbor there which was awesome, and she really enjoyed it. She had a book of mormon already in her house, and she´s a funny lady. We´re going to pass by again today, and see what she honestly thought of church. I´ll keep you posted. Another guy we found is named P.  We got the reference from Elder H, and we went to go find him. He let us right in, and had some of his own ideas. After talking awhile about baptism and about everything he already knew (he has read the entire book of mormon and told us he has studied the bible and BOM for 10 years), he told us that getting baptized would be a bad idea. We talked and talked and talked, and then he went to go get his other baptism certificate in a different church to show us. My comp looked at it, and said Hermano, we share about a restoration. We know that Christ´s church was lost, and restored again in these latter days. So was the authority to baptize. We testify that this authority is found in our church. Then out of nowhere, he said.. Let´s do it! I´ll get baptized. Haha it was so random but cool, and he said he wanted to get baptized on the 8th. We committed him to church, and he said he would come. Anyways Sunday came and he didn´t go, but we had an appointment with him afterwards, and he still wanted to get baptized on the 8th. We showed him the baptismal font and everything, and he really wants to do it, but won´t be able to until the 15th now since he didn´t go. That all depends too if he´s already living the Word of Wisdom.. we gotta see. But it was cool to see the power of the Restoration.. it just like clicked and he finally understood. It was a cool experience and I´m hoping he can keep progressing. He´s like 50 or so. Today we went and played soccer with another zone.. it was so fun. Elder M, the elder from Brazil, is really good and we play well together. We scored a lot of goals today and it made me realize I´ll miss playing soccer with latins.. they´re so good haha. Mom that´s cool about your story with Grandma.. make sure you write it down and remember it. I´d love to hear more about it later. About the Rootstech thing.. don´t worry about it. Yeah I wanna see the ballers play in their basketball game.. should be fun. Cleaning day went well... we cleaned the whole house! Let´s just mention it´s already kind of dirty again. The important thing is that it was clean at one point :) What´s up with this cleaning day when I get home? Haha just kidding I¨m down.. cleaning is fun.. but with music. That´s how I roll. So yeah I got my travel plans.. looks like 10:30 am on the 11th.. if I understood the plans right. Will everyone be able to be there? A couple of my friends are asking me about it because they wanna be there.. are they invited too or is this just some type of family thing? Thanks again for the new bed Jeffrey and Teresa.. is it way big or pretty normal? Well, I´m gonna get this letter signed off. Gotta keep working hard and taking advantage of how awesome the mission is. Even though it´s really hot. I´ve gotten used to it though. Thanks for everything you guys do.. and also thanks for the pictures of the kiddos. I´m definitely so grateful for you guys and miss and love you guys a ton. Mom, I loved the list of 34 ways to be a happy missionary. I definitely have the SICKEST family. Talk to you guys next week!!     Elder Neilson
Heading to play soccer on p-day

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