Monday, January 19, 2015

Get better Aftyn! :(‏

Hey everybody! Just wanna give a shoutout to my niece Aftyn for fighting through everything. Just know I continue to pray for the Lund´s and obviously for Aftyn. It´s obvious she´s a baller. I feel bad for Robyn and Brian, and my nephews. I´m sure they´re looking forward to having everything back to normal again. Love you guys! Anyways thanks for the updates and the pictures. This week was pretty good. We went all out trying to find some more investigators, but when church game around, only one came. His name is J. He´s a really old guy.. like 80, and he showed up to church on his own early. He left after sacrament meeting, and he seemed to really enjoy it. He keeps talking about going up north for awhile, but he´s not sure when he´s going to be going. Anyways we showed him the baptismal font and he liked it, but he´s already been baptized like 3 times in his life. Anyways we´re working well with a member so he can help him, and we´ll see what happens. We haven´t heard any more about J, so that´s weird. As for the things coming up this week... we have zone conference tomorrow. There I will be giving my final testimony which will be really weird. Also tomorrow, we have a mini-transfer with the assistants. They´ll be coming here to be with us for the day, so we have to plan extra today since we´ll have 4 missionaries in our sector.  Cleaning day is on the 22nd. We´ll all be cleaning our houses in the morning that day, and that´s about it. It´s a deep clean so after that day our houses should be all good to go. Elder S is just a senior missionary that studied teaching and did that for work our something, so he teaches us how to be better teachers. We always have his class once every 6 weeks. So last week on Monday we left to go work and had a cool experience. We left and I really needed to go to the bathroom, so we stopped by an old investigator we had. We got in, and after we started sharing a little about family history with her. She looks at us, and says, ¨I have a question to ask you guys.¨ I see you guys walking back and forth on this street, and I decided next time you guys stopped by, I would ask you guys. My husband doesn´t know, but lately I´ve been seeing some weird things. During the middle of the night, I wake up, and I see my ancestors standing there in my room. One of them was in a white gown, and they´re just there. I don´t know what to do, and I don´t know why they´re visiting me because they must of died about 40 years ago. What do you guys think about this? I want to know why you guys think my ancestors have been visiting me.¨ At this moment the pamphlet ¨My Family¨ was just sitting on the table after we had explained why we do family history. My companion and I just look at each other, then at the pamphlet, then just kind of smile. Hahaha it was a cool experience and we obviously explained to her that they wanted her to get baptized so she could go to the temple and do it for them too. We invited her to be baptized on the spot, and she was sooo much more receptive than she had been before. She said she didn´t want to make the decision quite yet because her husband doesn´t really let her do stuff on her own, and she realized it was a big decision. She agreed that God was sending her a sign, and that that´s why her ancestors were visiting her. Anyways we agreed to pass by last Saturday, but she wasn´t there :( Sooooo... we´re still waiting on that. Anyways it was pretty cool. We found some more investigators too, but none of them were able to come to church. We went to play basketball and soccer on Saturday morning like always. We usually just play soccer but there´s a less active teenager that invited his friends to come play against some gringos in basketball.  I´ve gotten a lot better at soccer.. I wouldn´t really call it soccer though. It´s basically we play inside on a small basketball court with a soccer ball, with smaller goals. It´s really fun though and I´ve grown to love it. Thursday we went with member to go do some visits kinda far away from our sector. It´s in our sector, but it´s out in the country. He´s in a wheelchair and drives with hand controls, but he´s a cool guy. He always needs a parter to do his visits with, and we need a car to do all the visits out there, so it works out for the best of us. While we´re with him we´re able to visit 2 recent converts, so it´s nice. Whenever we´re with him though, we always take soooo long because he talks a lot, so we usually always get home late. Like 2 weeks ago we get to his house for lunch, and he tells us we need to start doing the barbecue. It took so long and we got back to the house like 2 or 3 hours late haha. On Friday we did 3 different types of service in the morning, one that included lifting the heaviest piece of metal I have ever seen and carry it inside the house. Another one we painted some rooms in the house, and another service we fixed a light bulb thing. Okay so that´s once again all I can think of. I´ve been thinking a lot about Aftyn and wondering how she´s doing. I got mom´s email about an hour ago that said it´s looking like she´s improving, and they took her out of the PICU. That´s good news and I hope she continues to get better. I would like to share a scripture with Robyn and Brian.. and invite them to put their name in where it says Shiblon. It´s helped me a lot on my mission, and I hope they have a chance to read it. Alma 38:5. I know that if we trust in God, He will help us overcome our trials. I love you guys so much just so you know! I wish I could be there to help with everything, but I´m glad Mom and Dad were able to get some days off work to help. Too bad for Carter and Brielle too with the flu... everybody get better okay? :) Anyways I love you all and I´ll talk to you all next week!

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