Monday, January 19, 2015


Hello again... I feel like my letters are all basically the same thing every single week haha. Anyways first off, I´ve been praying for Aftyn every single day so I´ll continue to do that. I hope all is well and she´s recovering. Thanks for all the letters and pictures.. I love reading through all the emails.. definitely a highlight of every week. Well today, we went and played paintball. It was pretty fun.. I felt like I was in Call of Duty.. we played in the woods and it made me miss my xbox... hahahaha just saying. Anyways we went with the whole zone and it turned out well. It was really hot though but I think the zone enjoyed it. As for our investigators... well we haven´t heard from J. She was doing really really well, but she didn´t show up to the appointment we had with her. We heard from a member that knows her that her grandma got really really sick and was in the hospital. That´s probably why.
She had problems with her phone before, so it´s been a little tough to get in contact with her. We´ll figure it out though. F didn´t come to church because his family is on vacation. S wasn´t able to come to church this week because she was sick, but N came and is progressing pretty well. We´ve been talking about the priesthood with him and he still wants a little more time, but he´s good to come to church for all 3 hours by himself now. It´s still incredibly hot but I´m getting used to it. We just try and plan some good appointments at the hottest times of the days. The sun takes a lot of of us though and by the end of the day we´re just dead. The thing that keeps me going halfway through the day is a nice ice cold coke.. :) so goooooood.  This week there´s not a whole lot going on.. just keep working to see if we can find some more investigators and help them progress. We´re going to go all out this week to find people so we´ll see what happens.
    Hopefully Utah basketball can keep it going.. that´d be sick to beat Arizona and ASU. March Madness is gonna be SICK! Yes, I did get the pictures of the kids in my Christmas package. I loved them. I even loved them so much that I had to show them to the other missionaries I live with haha. They thought the kids looked like ballers... obviously. Travel plans I don´t know.. I haven´t heard anything. I´ll keep you guys updated. When I get the plans, you guys probably will too. And with the temple.. like I said, go ahead and send off a little message.. I think that would be a good idea. I wanna go so bad. I´m glad Gleagal´s homecoming went well.. he emailed me and says he´s doing well. I also get emails from his big jay. He´s so funny hahaha. That´s all I can think of for this week. Just been doing the same old same old enjoying the mission life trying to not get too hot. How´s the weather there now? Is it pretty cold? I think that´ll be awesome going from here to there.. it´s so ridiculously hot like I can´t explain it haha. I love you all though and I hope all is well with the Lund family. I will continue to pray for you guys. Keep doing work back at home and I´ll talk to you guys next week!!!!! 

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