Monday, January 5, 2015

What the freak Utah? HAPPY NEW YEAR!‏

December 29, 2014
Hello everyone.. it hasn´t been very long but how´s it all going? I enjoyed talking to everyone on Christmas.. kinda difficult talking with everyone at once but what can you do with a big family like we have right? Anyways it was nice talking to you peeps and seeing everyone. Seems like you guys all enjoyed your Christmas.. and are now getting ready for baby Aftyn and the New Year!!! I can´t believe it´s already 2015. Thanks for making all the adjustments to be able to be there to talk. Okay.. so like you all know.. we have transfers this week. And.... I´m a little disappointed. Elder S, who I get along with really well, will be leaving to go to Andalien, which is right next to Santa Sabina. I wanted to stay with him another transfer here, but oh well. My new companion will be Elder G, from Argentina. I know him quite well because he was a district leader for 3 transfers when I was his zone leader in Concepción. He´s a really nice kid. I know that´s what was supposed to happen. Elder H´s companion from Mexico went home because he finished, so his new companion will be someone from Brazil. I don´t know him, but we´ll see how this transfer goes. I´m kinda disappointed because Elder S and I were working really well and gaining the trust of the members, but changes are always good too.. just after getting adjusted. It's hard sometimes having to adjust ALL THE TIME to new people and places on the mission, but that´s just how it is haha. Yes, our activity was pretty fun. We played some fun games, and some sports, and it turned out pretty well. I think all the missionaries enjoyed it. Anyways there´s not a whole lot more to tell you guys.. we´ll be working hard with our investigators we have, and also with S and N, who got baptized recently. We´re still working with F, who is a 14 year old son of less actives. He had a baptism date for January 17th and was committed to church, but for some reason his family didn´t show up. We plan on going by today to see what happened, because they weren´t answering their phone. As for J, we´ve had troubles getting a hold of her.  I´ll keep you guys updated. I´m kinda confused with the whole Utah Football thing. Like I get what´s going on but what the freak. If Whittingham leaves, I have a feeling we´ll have a rough couple of years. They should just figure that out. Please keep me updated... sounds pretty crazy.  
 I´ll be praying for Robyn and baby Aftyn. I can´t believe I´m going to have another niece I don´t know. I leave with 4 nephews, and I´ll go back to 4 nephews and 2 nieces. So crazy... hope all goes well. I want lots of pictures by the way!!! I didn´t know Cody got married.. who´s his wife? Have I ever seen her? I don´t remember. Yeah I´ve been writing to Gleason.. he´s getting ready to go home and is pretty excited. I´ve been in contact with him and he has seemed to enjoy the mission.   Well, I hope you guys all have a good week and enjoy the New Year. Be careful and like I said... make sure to take lots of pictures of baby Aftyn! I love you all and I´ll talk to you guys all next week!! 

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